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It'd be a lot cheaper to get a hold of the games separately, grab MGS1 off the PSN for around £8, the HD collection for PW, 2 and 3, then 4 can be found pretty cheaply as well (£12 new on Amazon). VR missions doesn't really add anything and the only other thing you're getting is a poster and the graphic novels

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Thank God for party chat, I'll be investing in a headset for sure. No way would I use the Kinect as a microphone

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I personally enjoyed all 3 of them (I enjoyed the expansion add on too). I'd probably say the 1st was my favourite, but the 2nd and 3rd are really enjoyable too

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I'd say its a bit of both. It started off like a plane sound which I assumed was drive (something as an 360 gamer I'm not used to as I install all my titles and the machines super quiet)

But as the game progresses it did get a lot more like a vibration within the console.

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This is the first disc based game I've played on my PS3, after around 2 hours of play the system started making a loud buzzing noise, it died down during cutscenes but then came back louder during gameplay. The noise goes away completely when I ejected the disc from the system.

Is this an issue with the console (and look at returning it while it's in warranty) or is it to do with The Last of Us

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I work at GAME, we had over 120 copies of the game. We have two stores in our town, the other got over 100 copies as well. I wonder why it's in such short supply in other places

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In chronological order if you slightly care about the story

Metal Gear Solid 3

Portable Ops


Metal Gear 1

Metal Gear 2

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Rising (if you want to play this as well)

The Phantom Pain falls between Peacewalker and Metal Gear 1

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Awesome, would this cause any issues when it came to then inputting the HDMI into the PVR in terms of possible lag or loss of picture/audio quality?