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I totally agree, I'm even getting people dropping out because they don't like the starting command point...

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So guys, I recently got a new TV so now I'm looking to get a Blu Ray player, mainly just for the things that aren't out on DVD (Star Wars Saga etc) but also to have films in 1080p now

Really not looking to spend more than £80 to be honest. I found the Philips Bdp2850 on HMV for £80 which seems a pretty good Blu Ray player but some guys from work said different players have different "profiles" and stuff;16;-1;-1;-1&sku=171176&

I also found this similar one on Amazon for a few £££ cheaper

I don't care about watching copied films etc etc, I just want something that'll play store bought blu-rays in crisp HD quality

Any advice, is the Philips Bdp2850 a good buy?

Amazons best selling list has the top 3 all in a price range I would be willing to pay, but as I said these profiles etc confuse me a little. Best Blu-Ray for £80 or under?

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Pretty much all of them, Saints Row is the only "big game" I plan on getting

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Fifa 12, Gears 3 until November

MGS HD, Saints Row 3, WWE 12 from then on

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Certainly did, I cancelled my pre-order

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We'll I bought it and I am finding it pretty enjoyable so far. Just handed the serum to Gambit (because he's awesome). Haven't really unlocked any of my main interest powers (Gambits, Iceman etc) but so far I am really enjoying the game

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Hmm shame really as I was looking forward to this. I think I'll play this in work and pass on a buy. MUA will always be my favourite Marvel RPG

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Am I imagining this? The day I got it I installed it and from what I remember the game played off the disc as my machine was whisper quiet and the disc did not get hot. Today the machine is pretty loud, the disc is getting pretty hot and the symbol next to the Play Game tab on the dashboard is of a disc and not the HD.

I had a search online and it says that it spins for 5-10 minutes and then stops but I have been on it for around 2 hours now and it hasn't stopped spinning at all

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@PeasForFees said:

@BleedingStarX: It's the economy, and the new experience. You are the Controller, now you are the Console, Make noises like Whirr, k-chunk and beep to get immersed in the new Xbox experience.

Seriously though, Try and get a replacement or support from Microsoft/Retailer.

I work at the store I bought it from so replacing it isnt a problem, just adds the hassle of transferring licenses AGAIN

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For some reason my Gears xbox no longer makes the custom sounds when you turn it on and off/open the disc tray? As of yesterday it was working fine but now, nothing.

Any ideas?