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Seems to be working, but it also seems to be losing percentages? My download just dropped from 48% to 40% for some reason?

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So does the system download items even when its not turned on?? I've just purchased the MCC and want to know if I need to keep the thing on (with the white Xbox logo on) or if its ok to turn the system off and it'll continue downloading?

I'm positive that when I bought Metro Last Light redux through the website I never actually turned my Xbox One on to start a download and yet its available to play.

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Adding a webcam is as easy as adding a source and selecting camera much like adding the Elgato, I've never had any crashes when using an actual USB webcam so I'd bet the issue is with the Eye Camera

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To be fair though, the email does state the code will only work on the account the email is sent to. Glad to see it isn't though

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Looking to get into live streams and commentaries. I've been streaming/YT for almost a year now and its mainly been WWE sim matches. I want to broaden what I can do and for that I want a mic to add commentary. Not looking to spend a great deal but I don't want crap quality.

Would a headset or an actual mic work better? Im pretty positive I have room to get a mic stand and have that by the side of me whilst I game, but obviously the headset would (Im guessing) be a cheaper option.

I've seen some headsets on Amazon UK for around £15-£20 and mics with stands for roughly the same price. What would you guys recommend?

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Ive recently married someone I met online. Best decision of my life.

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If a date is stopping you from ordering it seems you don't really want one, preorder now guarantees one for launch (whenever that may be), wait for a date and you could possibly not have one this year.

Not that theres anything wrong with not wanting one straight away

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Splinter Cell is my only definite buy this month, might try Payday 2 if I have the cash

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@sgtpeppersteak: you'll need a PSN account tied to the region you got the game from, being from the UK I'm not 100% on what that is but I'm assuming its an American account, to redeem the codes for the PS1 titles