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I am using the Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition 2 (HDMI input)

I currently run HDMI on my PS3 but I want to start streaming the console as well. Unfortunately the PS3 is encrypted and doesn't allow me to record/stream my PS3 using HDMI, it requires component input.

My TV is wall mounted and so I can't really get behind it all the time to switch from HDMI to component when I want to stream.

If I bought a component to HDMI converter, would that work? The PS3 would be outputting via component (which I guess would then bypass the HDMI encryption), then get converted to a HDMI signal, which I could then connect to the HDMI in on the PVR.

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Not at all, still disappointed with it so far. Now if they turn around and say Metal Gear Solid V is no longer coming to 360/PS3 then I might be interested. In that situation though I imagine I'd fall on the PS4 side

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My PS3 is for exclusives only, so the deals really have no bearing on me. I work in a game store as well, so I can loan out any PS3 game I want for free. XCOM, Saints Row and Deus Ex I have already played on 360 though, I have already played Uncharted 3 and thought it was terrible compared to 2.

As with all these things, its a fantastic deal if you've never played any of the titles

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I see no reason not to buy a physical copy

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Its a games console. If they have games I want that the PS4 doesn't then I'll buy one. From the rumours of supposed E3 announcements though they have nothing to draw me in as of yet

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I watch it because it's usually one of the only forms of content being released. I've never played DOTA or have any idea whats going on most the time, but I do enjoy watching it

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Played the trial, really enjoyed it. Will be buying points for it tomorrow, infinitely better than The Cartel

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For roughly the same price you could get the Elgato HD or the HD PVR, which I would personally say do a better job. Which ever you buy will only record the game audio and video as standard, there may be work arounds with splitters etc but as standard itd just be the game audio/video

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3