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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

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My brother actually gave me his PS3 so I didn't have to pay anything :P I got Uncharted 3 GOTY and MGS4 with it so I'm pleased. My question is now, due to #3s MP being free to play will I still need to buy the online pass as I'm using the disc version? Equally, could I install the DLC and then trade in the disc and use the free to play client to play the full experience?

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I'm seeing a lot of bundles with Uncharted 3 GOTY bundled with it, is Uncharted 3 MP still populated?

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@bleedingstarx: Any FAT32 formatted external should work. But if you are getting a hard drive just for the PS3 i would recommend getting one to replace the internal drive, the external can only store things like pics, music etc. and not demos, DLC or installs. It uses a standard laptop hard drive so it should be relatively cheap.

Good to know, so it's alot easier and simpler to buy one of the larger HD models at point of purchase by the sound of it

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Id prefer to pick it up from a store just in case of any issues that I would need to return it/exchange it incase of hardware failure or something, if the price is dramatically different (or as it seems I can only get a 500GB S Slim in stores) I guess I'll look at Amazon or something. Do Amazon offer warranty or if it breaks is it a case of contacting Sony?

Another question is do PS3's work with any external hard drives? Or are there specific models I would need if I went the route of getting a 12GB + external HD

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I'll look at the 120GB model then, do they still make these new? Anywhere I look only seem to stock the new super slim machines

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It would solely be for exlcusives, I already have a 360 with the HD collection, mainly want Legacy for 1 and 4 though. The main PS3 games I'm after are Valkyria Chronicles, Diablo 3, Uncharted Trilogy, Last of Us, 5 Star Wrestling. Interested in Killzone 3 but I've heard the controller isn't made for FPS games

By the sound of it I'm better off getting 120GB model than the 12GB?

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Is the installing of games mandatory on a PS3? Looking to get hold of one MAINLY for the MGS Legacy Collection.

I'd be more than happy with a 12GB but obviously if games require an install then it would be no good. Are the installs like Xbox where it just improves load times etc or are you required to install games before you can play them?

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It's an arcade game not a Games on Demand game. It's just an error as if you go through you can download the trial from there