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Is the installing of games mandatory on a PS3? Looking to get hold of one MAINLY for the MGS Legacy Collection.

I'd be more than happy with a 12GB but obviously if games require an install then it would be no good. Are the installs like Xbox where it just improves load times etc or are you required to install games before you can play them?

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It's an arcade game not a Games on Demand game. It's just an error as if you go through you can download the trial from there

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Sorry to hijack the thread, but they say they gave people who import a save infinite "fast travel" crystals to fix the games terrible FT system. So if I start a new game am I stuck with the poor FT system, or are the crystals just infinitely easier to find to a degree I would never need to worry about it?

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From what I've read its not a case of "down load this game and it'll corrupt your save", there seems to be a chance of it doing so. Someone I work with has put around 20 hours into it since DA came out and his save is fine. Either way, I'm holding off on getting into the game until they fix this bug.

Obviously downloading it off the PSN will download the current version, which at this time has a chance of corrupting your data.

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Quick question, would using a HDMi splitter so my Xbox is connected to the capture card and my tv at the same time cause any issues with playing it?

The reason I am wanting this is because unless you have the PVR 2 connected to your PC you have no signal and therefore can't play the Xbox, and the way I have my leads setup it isn't easy to change and swap cables around.

This is how I imagine I could setup the splitter and if I have figured it out correctly I could be playing on HDMi 1 on my Xbox without the PVR being on at all, and then if I wanted to record/stream I could just turn the capture card on, connect it to my laptop and get started.

Is this the case or would the signal being split to 2 inputs on my TV cause issues either with the Xbox, capture card or tv?

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I hope that it isn't Aliens CM but I can't really think of much else it could be

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With Yukes developing it'll more than likely be the same as it has been for the last few releases. I really hope they change it up though, as a huge fan the current offering gets worse and worse every year

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I wont buy anything that blocks preowned games, the majority of games these days are terrible and are in no way worth the price the company expects you to pay for them. £40 for a game that if its bad I can't trade in or sell on? No thanks

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Wreck It Ralph - 8/10

Really enjoyed it but was a little disappointed that the huge host of actual video game characters (Ryu, Sonic, Bowser etc) had no part in the main storyline. It was pretty cool it see them all however.

Still really enjoyed the film and will definitely buy on DVD