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Xbox 360


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I've been really sad about this about this, but I can't even imagine how the people who actually know him feel. I just hope everyone is doing alright. Just wanted to say thanks for everthing. Rest in peace Ryan you goddamn narc. We love you man.

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IT theory or not, I still want to see where this story goes. I do believe in the theory, so I really want to see what is going on when Shepard wakes up, because we really didn't get an ending. Sooooooo many unanswered questions. Besides, the gameplay is enough to make me stick around.

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I not a scientist that understands everything about the gaming industry, but couldn't it be that the call to make the ending so cryptic was mostly EA's decision, and not all Bioware's fault? I personally wasn't that upset by it, and I am kind of interested to see the solutions to the clearly unanswered questions.

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Maaaaaaaaaan I can't wait!!!!