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The problem is 1 or even a couple of characters isn't going to save the game. I seriously doubt that even the pc release will help, the game is just a mediocre one in a pool of other fighting games. If it weren't for the fact it was an indie game we'd probably never hear of it

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Stale game design

I could deal with a lot of bullshit from a game but if it has interesting concepts in I'll have a good time. Just because one game did something well or in a way that has mass appeal doesn't mean if you all jump on it that those games will be successful

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Just get drunk and then start betting with the other parents. you could win big

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They really should make an asura's wrath style Fist of the North Start game

@AlexanderSheen: It's Mad Max but with people being punched till they explode. The appeal is pretty obvious

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Well if Pachter says they will that pretty much confirms they wont

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@QuistisTrepe: How does that make any of it right and mean I shouldn't tell EA and other companies that act like that to go fuck themselves?

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@QuistisTrepe: Over companies get hate for the same practices as EA. Most aren't doing it as frequently as EA though so people don't build up hate. Also there aren't conspiracies about it, they do it cause they are greedy fucks

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@Demoskinos: Just because everyone is doing something doesn't make it right

As for the game I'm still not interested seeing as it is still NG3 just with legs popping off every now and then

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meh, occasionally they do something interesting but it is kind of shit. Also the site is horribly over-designed

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I would defiantly pick this up as a phone game, I have no reason to play it if I've got my backlog of console game there but it seems like a good time waster