Defeated Hell, NOW I'M GOING BACK!

Believe me, I was in real trouble in this part!

Yes, I finally beated Brothers In Arms: Highway to Hell !
It was a great game, the last moments were pretty intense, and the storyline "ended" *wink wink* in a great way as well.

I really like this experience, I think the developers of this one really tried hard to bring something good to us and they did, besides some minor bugs, I might say I enjoyed this one more then COD (ww2) and Medal of Honor as well. You can really feel the ambiance here and get involved on the game!
I will do a review soon, anyway, I seriously recommend it to any shooter fan!

Now, although I've been in Hell and beated it, I AM NOW GOING BACK.

I'm gonna revisit DOOM 3.
I played the game when it came out, but my system was not good enough and I wasn't very much into horror games.
But now I made my mind to try out the games I've missed during those times, like F.E.A.R., Quake 4 and might even try out STALKER. Although I passed much of Quake 4 I want to go back again and play it with everything maxed out to have a whole new experience!

That's it for now, I will update this later telling my thoughts about going back to the Doom world.
Take care

I'm on a Highway to Hell

Lady's and gentlemen, here is Sargent Blinck once again to report you the latest news from the war frontier.

PREVIOUSLY ON BROTHERS IN ARMS - After fighting all day long, seeing the lives of many of my men fading away into a worst place, eating tree roots in order to survive and doing "biological necessity's in the woods" me and the rest of the soldiers finally got some rest. How ever as I was falling asleep I could hear Han Solo's voice in my head saying "I have a bad feeling about this". And then it happened, our village got under attack by reckless mortars, crazy nazis and fire! And as me and my squad stood there watching that village burning and going to knock on hell's gate we knew something had to be done...

The Burning Village
The Journey keeps going...

So I had 2 missions at this point, kick some nazi ass and try to find and rescue one soldier of my squad that got away from us in order to save a lady he met earlier in the city ( ok, in order to get laid).
We advanced into the city in flames and started to kill every enemy soldier we saw! This level was great, the ambience of the city was amazing with everything in flames and little sparks in the air. So yeah, the level design in this game is awesome!
I kept advancing through the city until I saw the member of my squad with the lady running away, persued them into a house in flames, and once I steped into the house I got an awesome and amazing surprise that I have never saw in videogames ever before...the roof near the door cracked open obstructing the way for the rest of my squad! And there I was...all alone in a freaking burning house. This was actually an odd part of the game, I had to literally run away from the flames that were consuming the house. I obviously died something like 4 times before I got the path right and did it in the right time. I got to a window and then the game turned into a cut scene where you could see your character jumping and breaking through the window in ultra slow motion, it was cool but boring at the same time since it was really REALLY SLOW motion...anyway, he fell into a water river.

Into the hospital

Next thing I know, I wake up on the border of the river near an Hospital only with my fatheful pistol....and yes, with my clothes you pervs!
I was all alone and my objective was to eliminate the german patrols nearby. As you might know, this game works with a cover system. This cover system is pretty cool and works fine most of the time, but specificaly on this level it was pretty stupid. The only place I could take cover was behind this small trees....I was taking cover on one of them while trying to shoot the guys IN FRONT of the tree, it was all going well until I saw another patrol coming from the left side, and I thought to myself.. "Great, I'm about to knock knock knock on heaven's door"..

The spoooooky hospital
But no...I SURVIVED, HOW AND WHY? Because I was using the cover didn't matter if they had all the angle they needed to shoot me, I was "taking cover", so all their shots missed...and since I'm a smart and awesome person I took advantage of that MUAHAHAHAHAHAH. But yeah it's a pretty stupid bug...but only saw it this one time annyway.

Anyway after I took out the patrols something happened but I'm not gonna tell it because it might be a spoiler.
So I finally got into the hospital, and let me tell you, this is one of the best levels i've seen in this kind of games, the level design is amazing, the use of light is superb, the lack of sounds is great. This was a really immersive level, it looked more like a F.E.A.R. game then a WW2 game, but it still had that "war is going on" feeling. At this point my character was getting a bit crazy, so sometimes he saw things moving and stuff, it was pretty scary, but really awesome. I couldn't take my eyes of the screen at this point, it was all so immersive,  it was amazing, it was like finding nemo or something, or playing poker with Jesus.

By the way, at some point in this level a man comes out of the door burning in flames, screaming in pain. Good moment. Sick. But nice never the less.

It's raining Nadzis! Hallelujah it's raining nadzis!

After the level of the hospital was completed there was a long cut scene to get you more into the story of the game which is pretty cool, with much mistery and romance. Forget the romance part.
The next scenario was once again on a village occupied with german troops, but this time there were 2 new factors: Rain, and Tanks.
Once again in this level I noticed some lack of intellenge from the part of my bazooka squad when I asked them to shoot the tank.."SQUAD HIT THE TANK".. "YES SIR, ENGAGING THE ENEMY"....yeah right...
Since they were such noobs I decided I needed to do things for myself so I took some rambo pills and runed in the direction of the tank and sticked a bomb into the sucker, then ran away while listening to the sweet sweet sound of a tank exploded by your own hands.

ZOMG tank!
After fighting our way through the village we crossed our way with an ally with a tank, who offered us a ride! So the next part of the level you control the freaking tank which was pretty cool, since it is tottally overpowered !
 You just shoot everything you see without any remorse or mercy whatsoever! You are superman on drugs!

After completing this level I finally got to the part where you get why they called this game "Hell's Highway", but that report goes for the next blog entry! I've uploaded many images of this levels I just talked about, so, if you are interested go take a look at them!

Now I have a war to win.
Take care.

Over and out


The Journey Continues!

My great journey in the lands of Brothers in Arms continues!Had my lunch, drank my coffee, precious coffee...sat down on my chair in front of my computer and pluged in once again into world war 2.
This time leading a new kind of squad...yes, a BAZOOKA squad, which is pretty awesome, although would be more awesome if there was more destruction like in Bad Company or something like that, still is pretty cool! The enemies really try to hide behind those sand bags, but poor guys, the last thing they hear is my voice calling for a "bazooka order", and then...then they are dead! I really like when you do a nice distance headshot sometimes the game does a zoom on the target and with a slow motion a la matrix you see the bullet penetrating into the targets skull and covering his face with blood.

Little break
I then had a mission, like in all world war 2 games, to disable some German artillery, like anti-aerial guns and stuff.
Since I did a mistake and my Bazooka squad died right in front of front of was a sad moment I have to admit it..
but I just could not give up, not there, not in the middle of a battle...I still had another squad that needed my leading to survive, I just could not disappoint them..they are like sons to me....
Anyway as I was saying, I had my Bazooka squad going to heaven (probably hell in this game), so the only way for me to destroy the heavy things was with sticky charges. Everything seemed ok, I killed everyone, got my "still-alive-squad" to follow me and placed the charge. Then I sprinted out of there, but the freaking squad stood there and freaking died on me. This happened two times already, they are like retarded some times. The AI is pretty OK but still has some bugs and sometimes they die on you because they stay near a damn bomb when you order them to follow you. Sometimes there are some path finding problems as well, but nothing too serious.

Then we got to a big warehouse where there was some nice action and ambience, really cool graphics, I tink the developers really tried to give a movie feeling to this, the light is very nice in this game, specially on the cut scenes!

After that there was the sniper part, I had to save a kid from these freaking nazis and had to shoot them from a roof with a nice sniper, nothing special here but everyone likes to shoot people from distance!
I finally got to save the kid, and he hugged me...and, nothing happened next.

Ready to flank!
I'm now on a part where an entire village is being under attacked, one of the members of my squad abandoned us to go try and find a girl that he fell in love with earlier in the game. I hope I find him dead on the floor for abandoning us in battle, and I hope I can get the girl at the end, so that the stupid kid learns a valiuable lesson. DON'T LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS BEHIND YOU SUCKER!!

Anyway, i'm really enjoying the game so far, I reccomend it to any FPS fan, you will like it!

Now I have to go and save this village with my loyal companions!

P.S. I'm still a noob with this images thing.


A new World War 2 journey begins.

After finally getting bored of the amazing adventure I was having impersonating Indiana Jones in his lego form, I decided I wanted some action.
And then it came, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, a first person shooter based on WW2. Yeah, here comes everyone saying "oh god I'm sick of WW2 Shooters bla bla bla whiskas blablabla".
Whatever. A shooter is a shooter, I don't care if I have a super-mega-ultra-ZX-LAZER shooting weapon or a Garand rifle, I just care about shooting enemies and getting envolved on the game.

Brother in Arms
I didn't play much yet, I'm still  on something like the second or third level, but I'm enjoying the game. I like the fact that it's harder to shoot at enemys then in other games, the fact that you can control your squad etc.
The game seems to envolve allot of a story plot on it. I like the idea that the first time you begin to play on the first level, something terrible *spoiler* you die*sploiler* happens to you and then you go back to 3 days early, so now I really know how will it end on something like that, hey, it's Blinck playing here, nothing terrible happens on my command, ever.

I saved Private Ryan after all.
Anyway,  I'm still trying to get used to the controls, and to the fact that you can't almost turn when you are sprinting.
The graphics look pretty cool so far, I like the DOF and the grain additions, although I think the colors are too saturated, they should reduce saturation by 50% or something, in my opinion of course.

Your teammates seam to do their work fine, so far they did almost everything I ordered right. I asked one of them to dance but it didn't work though, I guess he was tired, or was simply a bad soldier, who knows?

Anyway I will keep you posted as I progress through the game, and then will do a review
Take care everyone.

And becareful of the Giant Crabs, they are here, and they came to stay.


Blizzard, WoW, and Design.

Hello everyone.
 To my first blog entry ever in this great website I'm here to talk about how much a sad panda blizzard has made me become.
 I'm a pretty huge fan of blizzard, every gamer should be, it's a company that is committed to make every single game a good game, and they always achieve that.
 So, talking about world of warcrack.
 I started playing this stupid amazing game about 3 years ago, on and off, on and off. It was a good experience up to level 60, although I now know it could have been allot better if I was on a decent server. But no. I was on Scar Shield Legion, the worst possible server ever on Europe, on the worst battlegroup ever. You could never get a party to do anything, or if you did get a party, you would get a bunch of  frodo baggins wannabe that probably thought they were playing some Lego Indiana Jones or something like that and had no ideia of what they were doing. I'm guessing it was a server for retarded people only, that's probably why I didn't fit in, I belong to the Awesome people if you ask me.
 I stopped playing for a while and came back on the burning crusade after some friends insisted with me. Nice ride to level 70 ( not ).
And then that was when I had enough. That was when I saw it. I saw blizzard murdering the design of a beutifully designed game.
 I am a designer myself, so, I pay pretty much attention to design and art details on video games. And yes, blizzard has one of the best design and art direction teams on the video game industry, but I'm guessing that on the burning crusade they were all on vacation, dancing around fires with hawaian chicks and drinking margaritas.
 Every piece of armor you see on level 70 looks exactly the same, except for the color. You can't tell if that is a  mage or a priest, a rogue or a druid. You can't say if that is tier 4 or the gladiator set. You can't say if that is an Arena Sword or if that is a fucking sunwell sword unless you inspect the freaking character.


 Seriously, wtf is wrong with Blizzard? Can't they afford concept designers to have new ideas? It's like the end of season 2 of the show Heroes, when the writers were giving a strike so the actors or whatever had to write the ending which was the worst thing I ever saw on TV. Seriously.
 It's not about World of Warcraft itself, I couldn't care less about the game, it is old already. It is about Blizzard, it really letted me down to see that they were just to lazy to care about one of their games design. I don't even want to play Wrath of the Leech Queen. I can't stand to see the same design problems again.
 Fortunatly there is Warhammer now, and Lego Indiana Jones.

Yes, I'm playing Lego Indiana Jones and i'm liking it. Word.
That's it for today. I'm gonna watch pictures of chickens on the internet now. Take care. Blinck.

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