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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Xbox 360 Review 0

If there's one game you should own for either your Playstation 3, or your Xbox360, its this one. The graphics are better than anything seen on a console game, so much so, that at times I could of believed it was a film I watching, and not a game I was playing. The sound was, although not as impressive as the visuals, was still very impressive, with realistic gun shots, impressive background sound, all drawing you more and more into the game and story. Onto the story, while short, is very thrilli...

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Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 Review 0

Burnout Paradise, the latest iteration in the Burnout series lets players race, crash and generally cause road rage in the fictional streets of Paradise City, but is it any good?Burnout Paradise has a very simple structure for progress. Race, Win, Progress. This might seem like the game is very boring, it is however quite a fun, thrilling game, that when given the added benefit of Online multiplayer makes for a very fun game indeed.The way Burnout Paradise stops the user from getting bored quick...

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Xbox 360 Review 0

GTA4 may have been one of the most anticipated games of this decade, I however believe it failed to meet the public's hopes.Now don't get me wrong, Grand Theft Auto 4 is a very good game, it just doesn't really bring anything new to the Grand Theft Auto series. The missions are structured very similarly to the previous iterations, in that you take missions for a specific person, for a set time, before you're 'fobbed off' onto another character, to do mission's for him, until he gets bored, or yo...

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Bioshock Xbox 360 Review 0

Upon returning from my holidays in the August of 2007, I was greeted by a parcel. After opening It I was pleased to discover that it was the limited edition of Bioshock, a story driven First person shooter from Irrational Games (creators of the hugely popular System Shock series).I hadn't played the previous System Shock games, so I was unaware of what to expect, little did I know I was about to experience one of the most thrilling and enjoyable single player games on the Xbox 360. /* I feel I n...

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Perfect Dark Zero Review 0

When I first decided upon purchasing an Xbox 360, there were three games I ordered for it, Need for Speed Underground, Kameo and this. Perfect Dark Zero soon became one of my most loved games of all time, Why you ask? Lets take a look./* Firstly I must say I didn't play the previous Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64, so I cannot compare this version to any of its predecessors. */Single PlayerI popped the game into my console on December 2nd to be greeted by high octane dance music as the introduc...

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