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So they heard that Sony ruined them with SF5 and decided to get "serious" about their drake knockoff. Good for them i guess.

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Nope. Regardless of what they do now, they aren't getting my money. Goodluck with Farcry 5 when/if it exists, cuz that will be the next time i feign interest.

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Oh boy. Can't wait to use detective vision, stalk people from high above, and use exact timing to counter attacks in combo-like fashion for the first time. Oh wait...................

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Microsux gotta make that money back somehow. But it wont be this way.

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@gaff: Or just if it even needs to exist. The market is still flooded with shooters from sci-fi to brodude, 1st to 3rd person. A desperate sequel to a half-assed game isn't going to change the world.

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Well fuck. Thanks social media and "casual gamers". They all said the wii and casual gaming wouldnt fuck us hardcore fans. Well guess what.....

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Fuuuuuuuuuck that game and the burning truck it came in on. Hackers told us days after release that it was able to be played offline. It took EA another year to tell us the same.....

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Never did like Microsoft's policies or the way they looked at their consumer base, but this little rat bastard was at the top of the shit list. So glad he gets knocked down a peg. Hope Zynga goes bottom up fast and he gets what he deserves.

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Along with the Mechromancer dropping, so did a bunch of peoples' badass ranks, keys, customization skins, and character saves :D Things droppin everywhere!

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Game looks good except for the crappy environment traps and the ideal mimic of the mk engine. I mean, i know its supposed to just be the mk engine, but it looks like mk9 with new dlc characters.

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