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ExoM7 said:
"Whatever was on Cartoon Network, mostly. Y'know, back when it had better shows. At least I think so. This comic is relevant.


I'm 14 atm, and everything when I was 12 was horrible. I liked the stuff that I watched from age 2-10
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I got a 360 back in Christmas of 2006 and I got Gears with it

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That thing looks disgusting. Who would want to play $5000 for that? Oh well *eats burger*

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I hate using Firefox. IE7 for me

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Tiny Toon Adventures
Pinkey and the Brain
Ren and Stimpy
Rocco's Modern Life
Angry Beavers
and many more

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It won't happen anytime soon. XBL is where they get their money. If they get rid of that, they'll lose millions of dollars

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I like the name, but I'm afraid some stupid news reporters like Fox News will come over to this site and officially proclaim this as a terrorist site due to having "Bomb" in the name. Also They should change the name of the "How to Build A Bomb" series because it'll make Fox News nuts

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I was looking around at the accessories section and I was going to upload a new page, but then I saw that there was no "add new accessory" button on the top of the page. Just want to point out that there's no way to add new accessories on the page

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I don't like Obama at all. He seems too liberal for my tastes. He's going to destroy our economy and leave us defenseless by forcing everyone to buy health insurance and to get rid of all the nukes we have. IS HE INSANE!?!?! He's leaving our country open to attack for the terrorists. If he wants to get rid of all the nukes in the world, then why not attack Iran? He's a hypocrite.

McCain is a little better, but not much. My problem with him is he's weak. He can't stand up for himself so he has to jump on the Republican bandwagon. It may just be me, but our government is really messed up. It's been going into a deccline for years now. It'll only be a matter of time till WWIII comes.

BTW why isn't this OT?

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Orange Box, Civ 4, Bioshock, Counter Strike, Starcraft, Diablo 2