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Instead of trying to get the torches and stone Sony to death, how about looking at the difficulties surrounding the implementation of such a program. For one, what would stop people from sending in their UMDs, getting their digital copy, and handing that physical copy off to a friend for them to do the same, so on and so forth. It only makes sense for Sony to implement a pricing scheme that would deter this from happening and I honestly can't see any other way for Sony to handle it. Short of releasing a UMD add-on for the Vita which would not only be a huge battery drain but also render the handheld too bulky to carry around comfortably, there really is no other practical way.

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Although I haven't had any problems on my end with the PS3 version, it's good to see that Bethesda has finally taken heed to the problem and plans on addressing it.

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I just have the carbon theme.  It's simple and it's dark. :)

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BlkMagik07.  Add meh!