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The pistol is not just a awfull weapon, it's how you parry actually. Fire right before the enemy attack hits (Same as with a shield in the earlier games) and leave the enemy staggered.

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Holy damn that looks amazing... HYPE!

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I'm okay with everything except the exploding zombies. Virals are easy enough to kill and also easy enough to just run away from if that's how you want to roll, the chargers are dead simple to avoid and they don't even spawn very often, the toads are super fragile, but the exploding zombies tend to show up constantly in close quarters and that sucks.

Gotta agree with this guy. Every special infected can be hella annoying from time to time, but the exploding f*uckgoblers are a pain in the ass all the time every time!

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MM is a direct sequel to OoT, so I would recommend it, but it isn't necessary at all. I like both games, though I prefer OoT, but you don't need to play any of them to enjoy the other. Might make it a little more enjoyable, but both games are great by themselves.

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I'll rather play against Wraith than Kraken, to be honest. Other than that, there are some small bugs and glitches that needs to be sorted out among those you mentioned.

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I really hope they stop her from shaking her Polaroid photos next episode. That's the most immersion breaking thing for me. If they could patch it out of Episode 1 at some point too that would be great. Literally #1 with a bullet feature request.

Gonna have to join the "... Why?" bandwagon here...

... Why?

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Depends on the genre. If it's an MMO, I go by my own name or, if that is taken by a earlier character or someone else, I usually just go by something that's close to it.

In single player games I like to get a more "real" name which I feel like actually fits in the game and to the character.

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Clocked in about 2k hours at Dota, and before that some in HoN. I had so low expectations to this it's hilarious. Got an invite fairly early, but didn't try it until recently for when a friend asked me to join him when he got his invite.

It was so much fun. The heroes is really fun to play, the game is fast paced and fun throughout the whole (Surprisingly few exceptions to this). It's a fun, easier (than most other big MOBAs) and interesting game. Oh and yeah, the artstyle and voicework is just superb!

I can't see this as something that will replace Dota for me, nor anything that will give me countless of hours with fun, but in shorter time periods I can see myself playing this game some days in a row.

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As far as I know, at least how it used to be, if you kill off Trevor you can't play as him later on. Meaning that all the Trevor specific activities is gonna be gone, so you'll either have to do it beforehand or... you're fucked.

Not 100 % sure about this, but I remember it being like this on the PS3 when the game was new.