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Personally? Yes, yes it is. I have never summoned because that would be accepting defeat... and I do not accept defeat.

Got no problem with other people summoning, I don't think that makes them cowards or whatever, that just mean they play the game with a different mindset than I do.

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Use flame on your weapon, sidestep his attack, attack back... success. Have no idea how people can call him the hardest boss, or even one of the hardest...

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People are never NOT complaining, never!

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I had the saw cleaver. Put fire on it, ran up to him, smacked him. He teleported, I ran after him, kept smacking him. Never dodged, never cared. Suddenly he was dead. That was it... I thought that fight was easy as fuck, the spiders never did anything neither did the boss when you were close to him (He did some stuff, like a blast and some rolls or whatever, but they were easy to dodge/stay away from). And no, I didn't have "easy-mode" bug on.

Had a worse experience in the chalice dungeon though, but he still wasn't TOO hard. The limited space there made him a little harder, but that's it...

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Did him on my second try, before Cleric beast. Did not have the music box and did not know you COULD parry at that point in the game. Saw cleaver FTW!

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Maybe you're a bit underleveled? Do you use your blood-thingies that you pop for more blood? IDK, I did him on my first try and thought he was easy as fuck and, as many others, a refreshing change of pace.

I actually didn't find any of the bosses in BB to be particulary bad, most of the bosses I've seen other players complain on I did on my first try, and I'm not even close to being a "pro" at these games.

I never had to try a boss more than 5 times before I killed it though, but maybe I was overleveled? I popped ALL of the blood-thingies I found. I also used the saw cleaver all the way through the game, that weapon is prolly way better at this specific boss due to stagger.

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My secret weapon against not getting a pile of echos locked into a boss encounter is the mighty BOLD hunters mark. What's that boss? You want to fight now? No thanks, I have 70k soul-echos and you're going to kill me. Behold my boldness!

I think I lost 40k due to exploring the wrong area at the wrong time. I ran up to the gate to the unseen village weeeeellll before they open it (hadn't even gone into forbidden woods) and uh...I don't see a spoiler tag on this thead, so i'll just say that room will instantly kill you if you examine the wrong thing. And then they leave the stain right where you'll instantly die again.

You can get those souls back fairly easy by just... running. Just saying.

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About 80-90k. It was late enough in the game that I didn't give a flying duck though, so yeah. Never lost a big enough amount to bum me out.

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I didn't know what to do so I just leveled both of them, lol. Got both at 35 ATM, worked fine. Dunno if it's gonna turn out to be a problem deeper into NG+ or something though...

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I beat the game with the saw cleaver, I think it's amazing in it's non-transformed staged because of how fast it is. Truth be told I didn't try all the different weapons though, just some of the, and the ones I tried I liked less than the saw cleaver.