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I would go for PS4, but it's insanely boring for the time being...

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Not that I know, but boy would I hope so. Fucking bug-riddled BF4 is basically a game in fucking alpha...

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Pacific Rim - 2/5

Boy was I dissapointed about that movie. It was very, VERY much because I expected way too much though, but still... Nice effects and designs and stuff, but that's the only cool thing IMO.

Godzilla - 3/5

Very cool when it comes to large scale fights, monsters and awesome effects. Nothing extremely amazing, but very cool

Lego Movie - 4/5

Very fun and unique! Not too much to say about it because I don't think this much into stuff, but yeah, really fun, unique and bright! Made me happy

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@phantomgardener: It all depends on the server and faction, but unless you play at the right times, you won't see that many other players in the lower levels - you're right about that one!

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I'd recommend WoW, it still has a huge playerbase and if you get into it there is an expansion coming out in about half a year. From the two you listed, I enjoyed SWTOR more, but haven't played it since launch basically so my opinion there means little to nothing. I never really got into GW2, I felt there was very little that really pulled me into that game and very much I straight up disliked.

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@splodge said:

I have to admit, back in the day my self and a friend of mine would deliberately grief in L4D. It only took the two of us mot co-operating to ensure mission failure every time. Usually by blowing up fuel canisters, things like that. Not playing as a team in that game would generally lead to failure.

I hate people like that...

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I don't know

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Clever trolling is fun. Mindless trolling is not.

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I'm gonna be frank; I think this sounds like some insanely boring game with too much quicktime events and a big annoying multiplayer. There is actually nothing too special with the Br Ba universe that would make it interesting to play in it, it sounds like a boring version of GTA if you ask me. Playing as Walter sounds like the best part, but I still don't think it would be good per say.

This is just one opinion that differs from yours though, there are probably many out there who might like the idea.

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I lost interest and I was like "meeeeeh" after a while, but with the recent 101 trailer they put out I have to say I'm really looking forward to it! I think it looks incredibly fun and cool and I'm fairly sure I'll get it day 1 unless the reviews call the game utter trash. I am, though, very splitted on wether to get PS4 or PC... May end up getting i for both