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Mostly positive. Primal Fears and The Mist is what stands out for me, both made the movies so much better just because of the fucking ending. Both brilliantly executed.

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My favorite SR is SR2, I loved the shit out of that game. I hated 3 so hard when it came out because it got so silly and stupid whilst losing all of the seriousness the series actually had. I actually enjoyed 4, but I'd rather it not be a SR game because I can't really see them going back towards the older games after that over-the-top-a-ton.

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In CS:GO alone I've probably earned a wee bit above 100 euros. My inventory is also worth around 300 euros. Man, if only I could pull those kinda moneys out of steam I would get rid of everything in a heartbeat, but alas...

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@pacmanlh said:

Saints Row 2 is better than Saints Row the Third.

This times 10000000

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Garry's Mod and CS:S package. Bought it for Gmod, but CS:S later turned out to be the gateway drug into a life of gaming. Oh, the innocence!

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I would go for PS4, but it's insanely boring for the time being...

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Not that I know, but boy would I hope so. Fucking bug-riddled BF4 is basically a game in fucking alpha...

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Pacific Rim - 2/5

Boy was I dissapointed about that movie. It was very, VERY much because I expected way too much though, but still... Nice effects and designs and stuff, but that's the only cool thing IMO.

Godzilla - 3/5

Very cool when it comes to large scale fights, monsters and awesome effects. Nothing extremely amazing, but very cool

Lego Movie - 4/5

Very fun and unique! Not too much to say about it because I don't think this much into stuff, but yeah, really fun, unique and bright! Made me happy