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You guys should have busted out that Santana DVX

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Id like to know whats your specific beef with Florida tax law as opposed to every other state? Too high property taxes?

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Im guessing unfair skill values translates into over 100? Although id really like to know the specifics on this point. Other than that I think that all these additions are very welcome and will get me to enjoy this game a whole lot more.

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I especially like the use of the Arena fan as a domino. That guy was so fucking annoying. I just told him to stay in the haunted mansion in some closet when i played through oblivion

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 I usually just end up cursing loudly into the empty room i find myself in while playing, occasionally other people are present and it gets kinda embarrassing... I have soft cushions and pillows on the coach where i do most of my gaming so i try to maintain the flying controllers into these soft areas if the need to act out my frustration ever occurs. Never broken anything too badly though. Scratch that, yes i have, but it was calculated. I "retired" my rock band guitar after it became to shitty and used up after constant playing and had my friend run it over a couple of times with his truck. Still have the pieces too.
Edit: Almost forgot about UFC: Undisputed... some people got some pretty fucking cheap create a fighters (submission stats at 104)

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looks like the guys making Alpha protocol been watching this video...

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i remember that song from the old eighties style science videos they showed off in high school. Quite catchy, you should totally send the guys a audio file with that song.

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wow, be good to know exactly what type explosives were used in the destruction of said toilet

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It depends on the type game, for instance the amount of time i spent on Fallout 3 was insane (80 hrs. and going with the dlc) so of course i bought more games before i beat that. Sometimes i just get sidetracked with non-game related events and by the time i get around to it, theres already another game coming out im excited about. A good example is the new prince of persia, that i loaned out to a friend half way through and when i got it back i had not interest in finishing. Last week i dusted it off and beat it finally. So , i guess it just depends on the length it takes to complete it, and my interest in said game, and whther im not terribly busy with other stuff

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How could you fail to mention the single most defining game of all time on the Dreamcast? I am speaking of course... of Seaman