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Jager bombs are the only way to go for this drinking game, of course opting for the Final Fantasy energy drink instead of Red Bull

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first of all, starship troopers game? secondly they never really die, they just get knocked out of commission which one could easily make the assumption that the guys come back for them after the mission is over and bring them back to tip top shape.

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great help these forums are bought it anyway, its alright

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Is the mission mode worth the ten bucks. I know that I bought ninja gaiden black solely for mission mode and that was thirtty so im thinking this is a pretty good deal. Also, does the mission mode have the same setup as black did with different levels and enemies than you found in the single player? Is there a comparable mission for the eternal legend at the end of black where you get save points and such?
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Who the fuck doesnt? You guys remember when Jeff and the gang had an email about this back on gamespot and they mentioned how they kept getting emails about it on a repeated basis? The problem is that we have to get IO to recognize how many of us want and would purchase a freedom fighters 2

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You guys should implement the feature you have for adding images to the main articles of games. That way it would improve time there as well and keep erroneous changes to a minimum.

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Ive been lifting weights just about every other day for the last couple of months trying to get in wrestling shape. I've worked out three days in a row for the last three days also and im sore as hell

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Honey Mustard maybe, but thats about it as far as liking mustard

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This reminds of the time when all the special interest groups and ethnic political groups come out at GTA games stereotyping them or flat out having "Lets go kill (insert ethnic group here)" and saying that it is racist. Political activists like seizing on any and everything to get media coverage. However, this reaction was from within the gaming community first and foremeost. I felt like they added fuel to the fire when they had that trailer where Chris delivers his monologue about how everyone around him (in Africa) is lifeless and not human which can be totally blown into a flat out rascist comment

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Dawn of War 2 is not World in Conflict, and we should not confuse the two. Is even a little base building that bad? Its like developers have called a jihad on all of the tried and true aspects of RTS just to shake things up.