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In regard to the issue with the face buttons. I just got done with replays of both 2 and 3 on the PS3. I thought the buttons might be an issue but, for the most part they weren't. For weapons like the AK and Patriot I was able to lightly press square to aim and push harder to fire. This wasn't an issue at all for 3, but seemed to have some accidental firings on 2.

Also someone was wondering about price. I believe Amazon has it for 50 bucks (US).

Since, I own both 2 and 3 I'm going to pass for now. Nice as it would be to play in HD and try Peace Walker, I can't justify 50 bucks for it. Certainly when we see a price drop though.

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More interested than I thought I would be.
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The first game is the only one I liked.  I know a lot of people still like this series, but honestly this is a franchise I'd like to see go away altogether, regardless of his haircut.
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Reggie confirms it's 1080p to G4
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Gut reactions is controller looks huge.  Don't like how the analogs are above the face buttons.  Not sure how I feel about the montage of developers talking about how excited they were about the new tech and what they could do.  Didn't they have similar montages for both the DS and Wii?  Don't think that was ever really delivered on.  Not passing judgement on it, frankly kinda confused and don't have all the info; but I hope this isn't another machine where all they've got is their first party stuff. 
And I can't tell from the third party games if the "console" is as powerful, almost as powerful, or will be more powerful than the current consoles.  Maybe I have to watch the videos again or maybe they weren't the best examples, I dunno.
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This is really sad.  I just got a text from my mom a while ago telling me it had happened.  I work at a liquor store here in Florida (not far from Tampa) and there's a few ex-pro wrestlers that are regular customers.  I probably saw Randy on average once or twice a week.  He was always cool when he came in, very nice.  Definitely will miss him.
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So we all know now HD versions of RE4 and CVX are coming to 360 and PS3.  For those few that haven't played them before this'll be a great oppurtunity to play what will most likely be the best versions.  But these games already have multiple releases and it's safe to say a lot of us probably own more than one version already.  I myself have RE4 for the GameCube and PS2, and find myself already debating on whether to make a third purchase.  The news just broke and I think all we know at this point is they'll be in HD and have Achievements/trophies.  I'm betting that will be all that it is, but still, there's the possibility we could see new or tweaked stuff.  So where do you guys who already own these games stand?  What will it take for you to buy again?  Hoping for new or tweaked gameplay?
CVX is a good game, got it for PS2, but I don't hold it in the same high regard the rest of the RE community seems to.  Infact, along with Zero, probably my least favorite of the core RE games.  So for me there's only RE4 to think about.   
The easiest thing to ask for is an online co-op mode for the Mercenaries.  That'd be cool, and as crazy as it sounds if they did that I'd really like split-screen.  Archaic, I know, but the few times my brother comes over we always end up either switching off RE4's mercs or split-screen on RE5's and have a blast.  So it'd be great to tackle RE4's at the same time. 
While easily one of my favorite games, it isn't perfect.  Even when it first came out the one thing that kinda bothered me was not being able to switch weapons on the fly.  It'd be cool if they allowed us to map weapons/items to the D-pad like we can in RE5.
A modern "shooter" control scheme would be nice too.  That's really being nitpicky but every time I replay RE4 I hit L1 in an effort to raise my gun only to have him whip out the knife. 
Anyways, like I said, I'm betting it'll just be what we already know.   But we can always hope.
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Hell yeah!  Jeff just snapped a 66 race win-less streak! 
Put the broom back in the closet Kyle Busch fans, the sweep ain't gonna happen! 
Here's the last 9 laps:
Here's the victory lane video:  

Congrats Jeff!  That also brings him up to 83 wins total, which ties him with Cale Yarborough.  Two more wins and he'll surpass Darrel Waltrip and Bobby Allison on the all-time cup win list, each have 84 wins. 
Let's keep it up 24 team!
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Good luck this weekend Joey!
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Anyone know if they added in analog support for the PSN release? 

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