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I'm impressed!!!!!!

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I would like to see this in other games in the future. The more the developers interact with the gamers, the more we get the games we want to play.

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The resolution of the screen was the thing which made a huge difference for my graphics. Weird I know =P

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I agree that the story is going to be great, there is no doubt in my mind of that fact but what I don't like is people who try and prove they should be playing it more than you because they have read into the back story and read all the books. Why can't people except that everyone has a different experience with games? 
Any who I think people should fight through their hatred of the game because I do believe that this story will be like unbelievable.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 for a recent title because of the crawling scene (if you have played it you will know what I mean) alone.
However, for a dated title I would have to say System Shock 2. Although Bioshock is very close to being up there, but as it when down hill after the twist it took a little from it.

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It should really come down to if you have played the first games. 
Mass Effect 2 is going to deliver an amazing story and there is no doubt in my mind of that fact. However, depending on how much you play games it may only last for about a week of playing, that is unless if you play through the game multiple times.
Bioshock 2 again will probably have a decent story but unless it has another out-of-the-blue twist then I can't see it beating Mass Effect 2. However, it does have multiplayer which seems like it could be fun.

Overall I would go for Mass Effect as Bioware have improved on many features that dragged the first down and will no doubt have an amazing story and with multiple decisons it could be worth playing through more that once.

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This year I have made quadruple the effort to make OTTGs Video Game Awards much bigger and would love to hear your guys’ opinions on the categories and winners, as well as your choices for the winners as we are doing a User Choice Awards sometime after.

You can see all the categories and winners here as it goes on during this week.

Our categories are Game of the Year, Best Xbox 360 Game, Best PS3 Game, Best PC Game, Best Sequel, Best New IP, Best Downloadable Game, The Let Down Of 2009, Best Multiplayer and Best DLC. You can choose any title and we will tally up the results after.

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I have a friend on the 360 who has got it from GAME already, it's fucking annoying that they do this.
Granted mine is also at the National Hub but it was expected on the 4th and well I havent got it.
I hate release dates

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@Ring_Of_Honor: Yep, there maybe tutorials of some sort but I dont think there is a narative.
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@TheJollyRajah: That sounds sweet, and 1/4 mic ratio is defo good for the PS3.
@Ring_Of_Honor said:
" @BloodEffect said:
" @redtailman said:

" MAG will be game of the year for 2010! "

That is stupid, God of War 3 will be. MAG will be good but most of the time Game of the Year goes to story driven games or very innovative games.  "
what about the Final Fantasy series, aren't they releasin' a game next year too. i think another fable and a follow up to Fallout is comin' in 2010 as well. "

The new Fallout is just an expansion I thought ( like ODST) Final Fantasy could be a contender but lets get through 09 first LOL