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Dante's Inferno Video Review 0

A much bigger shadow looms over what could have been a great game if it wasn’t for some frustrating moments and an anticlimactic ending. It is hard to take Dante's Inferno as a new IP as right from the beginning Visceral Games have spoken about the inspiration that they took from the God of War series, and man does it show. The main protagonist, Dante, has the same red that when he swings his Scythe blend into his figure making him look like another Greek god that has red paint on his body. How...

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Dark Void Video Review 0

Technical issues and a very short story stand in the way of Dark Void shooting off into the stratosphere, but it is still enjoyable for what it offers. In the beginning there was fun. Then as time progressed that fun just went down and down, which is ironic seeing how Dark Void is all about high flying combat. The prologue sets the scene of what the game could have been but then strips the centre point of the game out of it and gives you a gun to play around with. Dark Void has the same p...

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Army of Two: The 40th Day Review 0

The 40th Day doesn't hit many high notes during the 7 hours of 'story' to fight through but you may find some entertainment in the stupidest morality choices to be in any video game.   The first Army of Two had problems, no doubt, but out of all the new IPs this was one which I did not expect to see a sequel. The 40th Day remains very much the same game as the first, keeping the core of the game focused on co-operative gameplay and the use of the Aggro Meter -- it is much more focused on the...

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Darksiders Review 0

Darksiders revives the classic adventure game in its full form but repetitive combat, technical issues and a slightly boring world keeps it from reaching it true potential.      Knowing very little of Darksiders I had no idea what to expect. At the heart of it you have an action-adventure game that resembles the pacing and structure of Zelda but what Darksiders does is not try to create a new genre but revive a genre that is almost lost. You play as War, one of the four horsemen of the Ap...

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Bayonetta Review 0

  Bayonetta does not shy away from being over-the-top and out of this world but if you can look past the madness then Bayonetta is a solid action game that is a thrill to play and watch.   If I said that walking on walls, riding motorcycles in the air and using hair as your weapon where all primary features of Bayonetta then I would still not be doing justice to how crazy and over-the-top this game is. Sometimes I had to pause the game for a few seconds just to regain my sanity. Of course I...

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Modern Warfare 2 Review 0

  Modern Warfare 2 has all the bells and whistles of its predessor but includes a much more over the top story that seems like a mini game compared to the multiplayer portion. The Call of Duty series has had its ups and downs so it was only right for Infinity Ward to finally branch away from the shadow of the series. With a much more action packed story with multiple twist and turns to a in-depth multiplayer to back it up Modern Warfare 2 has spit shined the FPS genre up, carefully bal...

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Assassin's Creed II Video Review 0

    Assassin's Creed II is a step in the right direction as most of the issues which had dragged the first experience down have been ironed out leaving a much more enjoyable experience. If anything is a theme with this year's AAA titles is that most are sequels and it’s Ubisoft’s next attempt with Desmond's story in Assassin's Creed II. Many changes that have been made in this next instalment focus on correcting the issues with the first such as the repetitive structure, but some cl...

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Forza Motorsport 3 Review 0

Forza 3 offers not only a true simulation racer but under the bonnet there is something which will please creators and casual racing fans while looking amazing throughout. Forza Motorsport 3 is one of the best racing simulation games out there; fact. This is because Turn 10 have thought of even aspect of driving and combined it into a compelling package that anyone who has the slightest interest in cars will enjoy. The hardcore simulation driving is still at the heart of Forza but around the ...

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FIFA 10 Review 0

If you have liked FIFA in the past there is no reason that you won't like this with focus on the control of players and a more in depth manager mode. After last year’s iteration being a huge success FIFA 10 had to at least reach the bar of quality FIFA 09 delivered. However on first look you may be deceived as if it wasn't for the big FIFA 10 logo you may think you have bought the wrong game, but it is only until you start to play can you feel the subtly differences that has created a more flui...

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Video Review: Halo 3 ODST 0

At the heart of ODST is another polished Bungie FPS with an enjoyable story, a ton of content for Halo newcomers and a Survival mode which is currently the best out there.         When a game does something right the normal course of action is not to change a thing. This is exactly what Bungie’s thoughts probably where when making Halo 3: ODST. Yes they have change the main protagonist. Also you can’t duel wield or hijack vehicles. Plus you have a health bar to worry about. But at the...

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Video Review: The Beatles Rock Band 0

       Getting excited for music games is hard now because of the sheer volume that get released each year. Which meant going into The Beatles: Rock Band was both worrying and exciting; I mean how do you make a Rock Band game exciting again? Easy, put the Beatles in it and polish the Rock Band experience. The rooftops get chilly If you have ever played a Rock Band game or Guitar Hero game before then it will be pretty familiar to you by now. You can choose from the lead guitar, bass guitar, dru...

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Video Review: Shadow Complex 0

           Chair Entertainment have not only made a great re-birth to the 2D/3D side scrolling adventure series but they have added so much content that after your first play through you will be diving back into it to collect all the secrets that are hidden in the world of Shadow Complex. I'm too cool The story of Shadow Complex is not its greatest strength. You are an ave rage man that one day meets a girl and decide to go spelunking together. But then your companion goes missing and fro...

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Splosion Man Video Review 0

Add two parts trial and error, two parts frustration and two parts fun and what you get is 'Splosion Man, a 3D side scrolling platforming game from Twisted Pixel. At the heart of this game is a true pick up and play arcade title as the controls and concept are simple. What is so deceptive of this game is the fact that the first world is charming and creative making you feel like you have accomplished something, until you reach world two. This is where it starts to feel like you don't have contro...

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Video Review Battlefield 1943 0

Let's cut to the chase, this is one of the best packages for your hard earned cash and is definitely worth a download for any FPS fan. With that said I can continue with my reasons. This is down to the fact of how DICE has managed to create a big game for a small asking price, creating a somewhat mini version of Bad Company whilst bringing fond memories back to fans of Battlefield 1942.This is a multiplayer title only offering 24 players to duke it out across three maps, and a fourth to be added...

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XBLA Worms 2: Armageddon Review 0

The first Worms on the XBLA was a huge success but the main problem was the limitation of weaponry at your disposal, so Team 17 have corrected their ways with Worms 2 giving the huge variety of wacky and weird weaponry we have come to love from the Worms series.You have your basic single player which consists of 35 levels. These have a nice progress of normal deathmatches where it is just kill the enemy Worms, to racing through a level using a jetpack or ropes and even small puzzles that can be ...

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No Fighting Talk, Just This Review 0

Round 3 was a technical marvel that impressed everyone with its close attention to detail on every fighter and its new control method of fighting. Round 4 has not only revamped the graphical front but also added to the intensity of the fighting mechanics in the game, but keeping the same raw mechanics which define the first one.The single player has its usual Fight Now exhibition matches and the career known as Legacy Mode which is your standard affair for a sports game. You create a character o...

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Red Faction: Guerrilla VIDEO REVIEW 0

Destructibility is one of the key features many games, especially shooters are trying to achieve. Battlefield: Bad Company introduced a somewhat scripted version where as Red Faction Guerrilla is truly destructibility to the max. Although it's not perfect it's a good step into the future of destruction.The story puts you in the shoes of Alec Mason who travels to Mars to work with his brother but instead he finds that the EDF (Earth Defence Force) is running riot killing civilians and treating Ma...

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WipEout HD Review 0

Wow. O. That was. O my god. Ha. These are just a few of the things I said while I was playing this game. The controversy of the seizure gave this game a slight curiosity that you don't get with any other game. However finally it has landed on the PSN even after it was promised all the way back in June.If you have never played a WipEout game in the past then lets get this straight, you go fast, you blow things up and it always looks good and goes with a kick ass beat. Yes, the music is back and i...

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Mirror's Edge Review 0

Mirror's Edge has always caught my eye, from its puzzle like gameplay to its unique graphics and first person action. This game to me seemed like another Portal twist on things. So I was going into this game with high hopes and for the most part it did not disappoint. The game is fast paced, colourful to look at and very rewarding when done right. On the other hand if you do not keep a steady flow and if you do come to a stand still this game can easily become one of the most frustrating experie...

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review 0

Its time to salute this old warrior and hero for his final mission. Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the best games ever made. This may sound like an overstatement, but it isn't. This game delivers an epic journey of an old soldier Solid Snake, combining technically genius graphics and game play which has now finally been perfected. Metal Gear Solid 4 does not disappoint.Lets start of with the story, if I can. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is known for its complex story and the forth installment do...

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It's a good game but nothing groundbreaking 0

Treyarch have been slated from day one when they took hold of the next Call of Duty and brought it from Modern Warfare back in World War 2. However this time around they have built upon what Infinity Ward did with Call of Duty 4 and added a few of their own touches.When I got World at War the first thing I headed to was its single player as Call for Duty 4's was one of the best single players from last year. From the start it put you in the position of a gruesome touchier and from there it built...

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Somewhere beyond the sea 0

Battlestations Midway was a marmite game, you either loved it or you hated it which is why I was surprised that there was going to be a sequel. Battlestations Pacific is supposed to be a true sequel and not one of those 1.5 sequels we come to expect from other games and the great part about this game is just that. It keeps the familiar air and sea combat but has made it more accessible and just a better package overall.The campaign has been drastically improved giving players two campaigns to fi...

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Gears of War 2 Review 0

   Well the first question that sprung to my mind when I heard that Gears of War will have a sequel was, How would they top it? All I can say now is that they have gone so far passed the top they are almost out of this world. Gears of War 2 has not only built on what the first game was about but it has actually added things which has made the game feel fresh.The main thing that Epic was promoting about this game was a more bigger single player experience. The story starts about six months after ...

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Battlefield Bad Company Review 0

The Battlefield series is known for its brilliant multiplayer modes and its weak single player experience. The series has gone through many changes from modern warfare to futuristic and now it is at a tricky stage. It could either go for the same formula or change it up and thank goodness they went for the latter.Battlefield: Bad Company has got to be one of the best games out this year. Not only does it deliver on a mildly amusing and a bearable campaign but it include a fantastic multiplayer e...

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The Lord of the Rings Conquest Review 0

   Pandemic Studios has not been having a good time after its last title Mercenaries 2 was not as well received as hoped. So going into the New Year they have had high hopes on Lord of the Rings Conquest a somewhat predecessor to Star Wars: Battlefront. Some complaints already started before release of Conquest about its similarity's to Battlefront and how it’s just some new paint over an older series. So what makes this game much different?Well not much really. It is the same formula Battlefron...

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Killzone 2 Review 0

The PS3 has had a tough time in the past years. With great titles coming out on the platform and failing to do much for the console it was a worry that Killzone 2 would be another over hyped experience that is easily forgettable. Let me tell you now that is far from the case.The story follows Alpha squad. Your character Sergeant "Sev" Sevchenko, is accompanied by Rico, Garza and Natko. The more interesting thing about these characters is that they are not amazing heroes that are sent into save t...

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Flower Review 0

Looking at Flower from a reviewing stand point is quite difficult. On one hand Flower is an amazing experience that can only be explained by playing it. But from a gaming side there is only so much Flower can offer.Basically you are the wind. Yes, that's right an invisible entity that cools us down during those hot summer days. But instead of cooling people down you control the flow of a single petal. The main premise of the game is to go around a field replenishing it with colour and light. You...

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