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" Hey guys, I thought I would do a blog on why I prefer to play games on PC over consoles. Please remember guys, I am not a fanboy of any system (Check my mini-bio) just why I like PC gaming better -  1. Mods - I cannot count how many hours I have played extra of a game because of mods, they add so much to a game (especially to ones like GTAIV, CounterStrike: Source)  2. Online - The online is amazing, it is free and I do not have to listen to 12 year old kids insulting me every 2 seconds. Also this is a small thing but PC doesn't have a dedicated online service (PSN, Xbox LIve) so for example, when they shut down Xbox Live no games were playable however PC games can live forever.  3. Controls - The mouse and keyboard are much more accurate and it is an advantage to have so many keys, since controllers have a certain amount of buttons the controls are sometimes cramped but with PC there is a whole keyboard to work with.  4. Exclusives - The PC has some killer exclusives on its hand, STALKER, Dawn of War 2, Crysis, The Sims 3 (A personal choice), World of Warcraft (Flameshield?), Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and many more.  5. Indie Games - PC is easily the best system for indie games, they are great and only cost a few bucks and gives amateurs a chance to shine.   So, do you agree/disagree with me? post and tell me why! I am glad to have a discussion with anyone of you as long as you aren't a fanboy who thinks I am a retard...  And guys, I own all consoles so I am not a fanboy >__< "

I've found over the years I've moved away from PC gaming for a variety of reasons.  I still hop on and play DoW2 and some blizzard stuff every now and again, but never as much as the stuff on my consoles.
1) While Mods are great, I never really got into a bunch and in some cases I found it would hurt the community more than help.  I believe the  Unreal Tournament series was hurt by the mod community because it diversified the game play too much, resulting in too few people playing any one game mode.    
2)  As for online, well that's one of the prime reasons I stopped playing much on PCs. I've been in enough TF2 and counter-strike matches to hear just as many 12 year olds (not actual age, more mentality) to know they exist everywhere.  The biggest problem I had was that every game was great to play for about 3 months, and then the onslaught of aim bots and wall hacks started, ruining the gaming experience.  Granted its starting to happen a little in the console scene, its still not as rampant as it was on the PC. 
3) Controls used to make a difference to me, now it doesn't really matter any more, I find them both comfortable and easy to use.  
4) As for the exclusives, well, that goes both ways, I like the blizzard stuff, and relic makes some great stuff, but I also like the Uncharteds, Infamous' , Demon's Souls' and Halos.  Another reason I got tired of PC games, bugs, bugs and more bugs.  i still believe that although HDDs help to speed things up in consoles, they were the opening for releasing games with bugs and fixing it all later, which has been happening more and more, though still nothing as bad as the PC a few years back.  
One last thing, console gaming online is usually a more level playing field, resulting from almost everyone running the same resolution, FOV, broadband only access and the same hardware resulting in the same frame rates.
I can certainly understand why people like PC gaming, and while I still dabble in it, I prefer my consoles for the most part.