New Strokes Album, Comedown Machine: Thoughts

Every time a new 'Strokes comes out, its like an event for me.. I know they're so fucking good, I just can't listen to them much. I cringe very time I hear them, and even more when I hear new stuff. But, I know they're good.

Comedown Machine just came out. And, its pretty fucking good. Its just that: it takes me like a month of listening to it constantly to get used to it. Most of the time, its because its always that damn thought: "It doesn't sound the same, like Room On Fire, did." Do any of you guys do this? With this band or any other? Its a 4/5 for me, just like an album I could think of. I dunno. I guess because I don't really have favorites.

Every time a new Strokes album comes out.. I feel older. I like new things, but mostly from the bands I already like.. I've been listening to the new Fall Out Boy single, Light Em' Up, over and over again. They're way mature now, I think. And I'm okay with liking 'em when others don't. ~ I'll be honest. I never really dug this whole dubstep thing. I miss the old kistchy rock-pop from the early Ots,' and damn good old techno, like Daft Punk. Justice, I could barely get into. Oh, Chemical Brothers..

Xbox Music: The Strokes: Comedown Machine

Anyway. I guess: how do you like the new Strokes album?

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I'm really liking it so far, but I'll have to get it a couple more listens to see if it sticks and where it ranks with the others. I don't think I like the new Fall Out Boy single though. That's probably mostly from me wanting the early to mid 2000's Fall Out Boy back, I'll continue giving it a try but I'm just not digging it. I never really liked their singles compared to the rest of the album anyways so I'm still interested in the new one.

There's a lot cases where bands change or in a sense "evolve" their sound album to album. I'll normally give it multiple listens before I decide whether I actually just don't like it or if it's just not what I expected. Different genre here, but Underoath was a good example of this. Members were changing so often that the music slightly shifted as well. You always got something different, and not just a more polished version of their older album. I never got what I thought I wanted, but what I did get was great for it's own rights.

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I never understood The Strokes fandom. "Is This It" is phenomenal and "Room on Fire" isn't bad either but everything else they've done is just so...boring.

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Never heard of The Strokes, but love the new Fall Out Boy.

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New Strokes album is ok, seems like more strokes which I'm fine with. That new Fall Out Boy song is kinda boring though. Hope the album is better.

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I listened to a couple tracks the other day. Meh. Strokes are a one album wonder.

Also, is this an ad for Xbox Music? Of all places, why would you link that?

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@evo said:

I listened to a couple tracks the other day. Meh. Strokes are a one album wonder.

Also, is this an ad for Xbox Music? Of all places, why would you link that?

I guess because, my blog is the one place I'm comfortable with, where I'm like: WTFEver. ~ Its funny though, because people are comfortable with iTunes and YouTube. Even though, YouTube is the worst place ever, for music. Just 0/20.5. Just awful. Everything is just shite quality, and filtered up the wazoo. And iTunes don't do subscription yet, but Trent Reznor might be gluing something together right about now to fix that.

@jdh5153: Still very cool.

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I have read lackluster reviews but I still wanna check it out.

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I love the Strokes, but this new album is a lil weak to me. Julian is using wayyyy too many voiceFX in all the songs. At least in my opinion. I might have to give it a few more listens, but as of right now, not really blown away by anything.

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12+ years of The Strokes in that video, I just saw. ~ I didn't like Julian Casablancas' solo stuff, too much. Too much beats, not enough rock. Solid, as always. I loved Albert Hammond Jr.'s first album. Then there was like a second and third. I kinda forgot to listen to those. ~ Julian did some Lonely Island stuff. That was neat.

I remember how they would do like secret shows under some random band-name, with some of their new songs. And its totally like: Dude, The Strokes played! What?!

I bought First Impressions of Earth, way back when. On CD! 'Amazing stuff. And my brother kinda introduced me to, Room on Fire. And that was that. ~ Fun times..

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I have really come around to the album. If I were to give it a score it'd be probably a 3.5/5. Its a solid album and different enough from the older Strokes stuff to be something new and different which is good, because though it'd be nice to have another album with quality equal to Is This It, its good to have a different sounding album from The Strokes. Oh and Welcome to Japan is a fucking jam.