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This post title needs a re-name, I think.

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I'm buying Dance Central: Spotlight on Tuesday.

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I have both next-gen consoles, and XONE is consistently my favorite to play on by far. I'm excited to see what Destiny and Sunset Overdrive actually are, and really looking forward to the Halo Master Chief Collection. Random indie things like below and Cuphead look really cool, and Lords of the Fallen I'm hoping to get and finally try out this year.

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I can't wait to try this on XONE. Maybe I'll keep it up for a week, or something.

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Still no Waluigi, I see.

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First rule about This Week: Don't talk about This Week. Second rule about This Week: Don't Talk about This Week.

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I don't even understand. . What? . I hope they put Fez on XONE.

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I don't even understand. . What? . I hope they put Fez on XONE.

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I just wanted to let you guys know that Preview members can finally start using the Media Player App. You should be able to use USB 2/3.0, or any flash drive. I don't think there is a minimum/maximum on the storage space, unlike external game storage. I've now transferred just a bunch of my movies and TV shows, and I've started transferring Giant Bomb trailers, and GameSpot's The Point episodes on my old external hdd, so I can watch on the Xbox.

Also, it uses this huge list of formats, including mkv. It does gifs, i guess. I guess you could do music too, and this would be how to throw mixtapes in the background while you're doing that free-roaming in whatever open-world game or whatever. I wonder if you could snap the media player. Haven't tried it yet, but that'd be cool if they threw that in an update. Oh, and they're supposed to be putting DLNA support in some update soon.

Xbox One compatible file types:

3gp audio

3gp video




animated gif


avi divx

avi dv

avi uncompressed

avi xvid




h264 avchd





mpeg 1 ps

mpeg 2

mpeg 2 hd

mpeg 2 ts

mpeg 4 h264 aac

mpeg 4 sp





wma lossless

wma pro

wma voice


wmv hd