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Watch movies, tv shows, comics, podcasts, or YouTube I guess. My favorite really if you can't get through that stuff is talking with family and friends, just shooting the shit talking about videogames or whatever. I hope you get through this, duder.

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Wow man. I would have never thought. I hope you enjoy it, and can't wait to get back to Destiny and Halo and all that. Very cool stuff. :D

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Its a pretty good advertisement.

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Its like the new iPhone. Which one is it? The new one.


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$20 sounds about right what I would want to pay for. Alright.

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"..According to an announcement video released by Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Xbox Live's director of programming, the game will be fully remastered for 1080p, with Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain saying it will also include "enhanced animations [and] enhanced effects." In addition to the graphical upgrades, "State of Decay" for Xbox One will include all previously released Xbox 360 downloadable content.

Strain said Undead Labs will add "some new content – some new mission types as well," though details on the additions will come "closer to release."

Neowin: Xbox 360 exclusive 'State of Decay' being remade for Xbox One

It'd also be nice if they included some of that co-op stuff this time around.

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The last Saint's Row game I bought was 3, and the last one Iiked was 2. I didn't play 4, so I'm hoping 5 gets around to something that's worth next-gen, and hopefully somewhere in between 2 & 3 absurdity. If its something more like crazy like 3 was, it'd be cool to posses people, or have crazy demonic powers and ouija stuff could be cool.

.. An image, which you can see below, was released alongside the slogan "Something wicked this way comes..." as Saints Row developer Volition prepares to announce its latest project.

Speculation is rife that Saints Row 5 will be announced this weekend, though some people have been thrown for a loop by the presence of the number six on the image. It's worth noting that "666" is the Number of the Beast from the New Testament and, coupled with what looks like a Ouija Board in the image, suggests we could be seeing a slightly darker tone this time around. As if purple dildos guaranteed to cause internal bleeding weren't dark enough.

When we spoke to Volition's Jim Boone, he gave us some idea of what we may see in future Saints Row titles, though it sounds like it won't be long before we find out for sure. Certainly something's in the works, as voice actor Jay Mohr confirmed he's back recording lines for a new title late last year. ..

IGN: Is Deep Silver Teasing Saints Row 5?

Anywho, what improvements/features do you guys want to see in SR5? I wouldn't' mind seeing a collector's edition with a stake included in the box. Massive gang drive-bys and vampires would be nice, and minotaurs? Dunno.

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This post title needs a re-name, I think.

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I'm buying Dance Central: Spotlight on Tuesday.

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I have both next-gen consoles, and XONE is consistently my favorite to play on by far. I'm excited to see what Destiny and Sunset Overdrive actually are, and really looking forward to the Halo Master Chief Collection. Random indie things like below and Cuphead look really cool, and Lords of the Fallen I'm hoping to get and finally try out this year.