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Later, though. Later.

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PlayStation Vita is just getting used to the the new office. Give it a couple on months, and I'm sure they'll up with something. I wouldn't worry about it.

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EA Passes Ass For Gas.

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Dumpster fire, or keep it on a nice shelf somewhere.

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I might do the raid tonight or tomorrow. I've barely started on my two exotic bounties, and I've start leveling up my Warlock I had finally. Got my Titan almost to level 31 now. I got like to or three exotic Hunter drops, like the lime-green dancer boots, but I haven't even started my Hunter yet so.. I could but, Warlock for now...

Enjoying the new Panda Bear, and enjoying games and stuff. :)

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GameSpot: Rare Dev Teases "Huge" Plans for 2015

A snowy day at Rare's UK headquarters

2015 will be a "huge" year for UK studio Rare, which is famous for creating beloved games Goldeneye 007and Banjo-Kazooie, but most recently known for its work on the Kinect Sports series for Xbox. That's according to veteran Rare composer Robin Beanland, who has worked at the company for 20+ years.

Beanland made the tease on Twitter, accompanying a tweet to a fan with some music notes, possibly for Rare's next game.

@Ritsu_Is_Cute This is a HUGE year for Rare...and these notes :-)

... The studio's next project is already playable, as Xbox boss Phil Spencer visited the studio in November and reported back that he was excited by what he saw.

"Got to play the new Rare game today," Spencer said on November 11. "Rare building a uniquely Rare game, as it should be. Great visit to the studio." ...

In a possibly related move, Microsoft recently renewed its trademark for Battletoads, which suggests--but does not confirm--that the company may be at work on a revival of the long-dormant series created by Rare and released for the NES in 1991.

Those notes very likely mean notes like Banjo does gold notes.. Hmmm. Battletoads is supposed to very likely be announced this year, cheaper download like $20, like how Killer Instinct was priced.

I'm really hoping for a full-fledged giant Banjo Threeie this year. A huge giant massive world where you could go everywhere and explore, ride beasts and things, and several giant mountaintops with quests and lots of things in between. Throw in some giants and dragons, and call it a day. And giant killer bees. :D

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So its WWE Super Card and Shalolin Monks mixed into one? Alright.

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Uh hyuk, gorsh.

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They should add a bunch of Total War characters. And tanks.