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I'm definitely down for some Gears with some GBers.

GT: jusblaze620

mic: Varies

Time Zone: Eastern

Preferred Game Mode: None.

Just a warning though; I'm pretty terrible right now, lol. Just gotta get my bearings back.

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Can never go wrong with ketchup.

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@Zabant said:
" Ni is 2 in japanese.

Wii Ni


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@Barrock said:
" Fuck that was amazing. I marked out like a little girl. Dude talked for like 20 minutes and the entire time, chills. He said he's returned to never leave again, and I really hope he's being honest. "
Dude, me too! Hah, he got me so pumped & excited. I feel like an 8 year old again.
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Followed Jeff after the big fallout at Gamespot to his blog, to here. 
Kinda crazy that it's already been 2 (almost 3) years since this site launched.

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Gah, I'm having this same issue with Red Dead Redemption. I've had it since day 1, but still haven't finished it. It's to the point where I can't finish any of the other games in my backlog because I feel guilty about not completing RDR. *sigh*

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I've gotten through an entire day of classes (from 8 to 3) on 2 hours of sleep once.  Never want to go through that again. Dozed off for like 10 minutes in one class & woke up to find drool over my face. Not a good look lol. 
 Bare minimum for me would be like 4-5, where I can function normally. 7 or 8 is optimal and 9+ is amazing.

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Most of the friends I regularly hang out with are gamers. Spent countless summer nights staying up until 3 am playing Gears, Halo, COD, etc, with them.
I guess the extent to which each one invests time in gaming is different. I know me & one other guy are the only two who check out the latest gaming news daily. I wouldn't call any of the other guys casual gamers though.

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Probably trying to escape from my crib with the help of my trusty screwdriver.
*A cookie for whoever gets the reference.  ;D

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Well...the Giants' winning streak had to come to an end sometime. I'm just pissed it was against the fucking 1-7 Cowboys. Ugh.
They better TAP THAT ASS next week in Philly.