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GTA Vice City for me.

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@davidwitten22 said:
I didn't play Chrono Trigger until years and years after it's release, yet it is still my favorite game of all time. I had a Ps2 already by the time I started Chrono Trigger. It's my favorite RPG and my favorite game, period.  Best Videogame ever is a bad question because it's too subjective, so I just assumed it meant favorite. "
It's an overall amazing game.
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I've only got one S-Rank and its in Fight Night Round 3. Not really something to be proud of, because of how easy it is to obtain. lol.

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@Bombs_Away said:

" @Blu_Magic: Trust me, I'm probably the last person anyone on this site would call an internet vigilante, not in the sense you're using it anyway, just ask Hamz and MB. The fact is that the "debate" was a no starter, yet you're still arguing its cause. It would be the for the best if this is the last post regarding it all though. You will reply though...Go on do it. Prove your awesomeness by finishing it all off! "

LOL, you're so cool. Just read that PM i sent you and let's keep it in there. ;)
Now, regarding where the next GTA should be, I think London would be pretty cool. It would be great change of pace from all the recreation of American cities.
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@Bombs_Away said:
" It's not often that the guy with 36 posts is more sensible than the guy with over 1700...It's good to see some decent new comers. "
Dude, GET OFF MY NUTS. Seriously. I just asked him a question and you try to be all " internet vigilante" and falsely accuse me of derailing the thread, when the subject of our small debate was perfectly on topic. Hell, you're more guilty of "derailing" with your most recent posts alone, LOL.
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@Pessh said:
" @Blu_Magic: Dude chill, just giving my opinion. "
And I'm not allowed to question you about your opinion? Do I hurt your feelings when I do so?  I'm not allowed to trigger a discussion on a message board?
P.S. I'm perfectly calm, no need to tell me to "chill. "
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@Pessh said:
" @Blu_Magic: That makes no sense, I was just answering your question, sorry I embarrassed you but I'm not going to argue with you.   "
Let me break it down for you. I asked why you think it shouldn't come out anytime soon, and you give me a bullshit answer "It's NOT TEH NECESSARY." I gave you a clear cut and easily comprehensible response. Hell, I'll elaborate on it for you. Saying a new installment in the series is unnecessary makes no sense because there's only been ONE GAME in the series this gen, and on top of that, those who feel the same way as you DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT.
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@Pessh said:
" @Blu_Magic: This may suprise you, but not everyone feels another GTA game is necessary. "
Well here's a shocker for you: If you don't feel a new game is necessary, don't buy it if, or when, it comes out.
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@Pessh said:
" Don't care, as long as it isn't released anytime soon. "
Why? It's been nearly two years since the last installment. A new GTA within the next year would be perfect.
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Any Super Mario bros game.