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I'm interested in getting a racing game, but don't know which one is better for me. I'm only interested in playing this by myself. Basically, which game has the better single-player experience?

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Not a big deal, just thought you should know.

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Billy. He was only in the GameCube game.

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I'm really looking for a game to scratch an Oregon Trail itch I have right now. It looks like FTL would pretty good at doing that, but are there any others? I really love that type of gameplay. Thanks.

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Anybody else having trouble downloading off itunes?

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I've never really played fighting games (discounting Smash Bros.), I'm mainly going to roll as the characters I enjoyed the most from Persona 4. So I'll just be sticking with Kanji, Yu, and Chie.

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Haha, I know. Spring Break albums' views are going to nose dive.

Edit: If it is true.

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said on this week's Bombcast that he heard Facebook was adding the ability to track who views your profile, photos, etc. Of course there have been a whole bunch of scams and fake rumors about this, but yo, we're talking about Jeff Gerstmann, I think he would know a thing or two about the internet.

Can somebody provide me a link to this information? I tried to do a Google search, but all it did was bring up a bunch of scams and bullshit Yahoo! Answers pages from 4 years ago.

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I just started playing Kid Icarus the other day and I really love it so far. I did a Google search on what offering hearts to the goddess does, but I couldn't find anything definitive- only rumors and speculation. This game has been out for a couple of months now, surely somebody knows?

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Try releasing games. Those are pretty good at making money.