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This game hasn't looked good from anything I saw.

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I honestly can't even think of that many, but I know I must be missing a lot. The only two that come to mind are Tales of Vesperia or Catherine, which I think both look amazing.

(Also, I just mean any game in general that doesn't look realistic, it doesn't have to have the exact nuances of cel-shading to be mentioned. I just like really pretty games.)

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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

What a bummer that was. Not terrible, but a bummer.

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Forget me?

I don't think anybody has mentioned it yet. Here were my guesses:

  • Vinny: Saints Row
  • Ryan: Portal 2
  • Brad: Dead Space 2
  • Jeff: Skyrim
  • Drew: Skyrim
  • Patrick: Portal 2
  • Alex: Rayman
  • Overall: Skyrim

Edit: Crap, I just realized that I forgot Bastion.

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This has been handled pretty poorly by Microsoft.

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I was kinda bummed by both to be honest.

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From listening to the Bombcast, I really want to play this game, but I don't want to go back to the previous 2. Do I need to look up a wiki or will the game sum things up for me?

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Okay, well then they need to change something on this form.

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I could log out right now and they are right there, but when I log in, they're gone. I'm pretty sure silvers are supposed to see them. Just thought you guys should know.

(Obviously, I prefer no-ads, but that wouldn't be very honest.)