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A good article always starts with a good motherfucker

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Assassins Creed 2: 4

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It will be great for filming porn! It just needs to know where to focus.

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Wow, that was great

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@emb1234: It sort of required multiple people to be fun though.

I'm excited for this anyways. It's a shame it probably won't have any online support though

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Star Wars MMOs don't pay for themselves

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I have a whole bunch of reviews from when I was at GameSpot that I wrote when I was 12 and they weren't very good. When I first signed up for GiantBomb, I decided to bring them over anyways, which was pretty dumb. Now I want to delete them, but they are not truly gone from the system it seems like. If you go to my reviews page, it says at the top that I have 11 reviews even though it should say 3. The deleted reviews also count towards my average review score. Right now, I have 1 three star review and 2 two star reviews. The page says the average is 3 when it shouldn't be. And if you go to one of my reviews, it says that I most recently wrote a review for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, even though that's one of the reviews I deleted and it wasn't my most recent reviews anyways.

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I would gladly take a remake of Super Mario 64 with two analog sticks, better camera angles, updated art, Super Mario Galaxy engine with 1080p.

Beetle Adventure Racing would be great too.

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@MormonWarrior said:

"Animal Crossing is moving along and looks like how a new Animal Crossing would look if Nintendo decided to take zero risks with a new Animal Crossing."

Gosh dang it, I loved that first Animal Crossing game, but Nintendo seems content to just keep releasing the same game over and over again, only slightly worse each time. You know, there's a lot of neat things that could be done with that franchise. Heck, that would be an interesting foray into free-to-play for Nintendo even.

I know, huge bummer. I was one of the weirdos that actually played Animal Crossing every day for a year. Never got into Wild World and City Folk because the writing was somehow not as good and more repetitive. Oh, and it was the exact same game except on a different platform. Lazy.