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So my first thread was locked and I was bashed by everyone for making that topic. Here's the link to my old thread -> Can you murder the NPC children?

I'm glad they made this mod and it seems like a lot of people is enjoying it.

Mod Edit: Video Removed.

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Yeah if u get mac u have to fix bootcamp. But anyway, if you got yourself a nice flat screen console is still a good choice.

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  @MooseyMcMan said:

" But what if I like small maps?! HM?!?! "

Hm?! If you don't like small maps then you certainly never enjoyed Battlefield 2 or perhaps haven't even played it. As DICE said. It's a straight follow up of BF2 and it will bring nothing from Bad Company. Maybe this is the wrong game for you. Will see...
BF3 will have huge maps, though smaller on consoles.



" @Bludgeon said:

 But I lol'ed a bit though. :D "

Seems as if your insulting laugh to us console gamers has failed seeming everyone is okay with it. "
Haha maybe. But really, are you okay with it honestly? Dont you feel just a tiny bit sad that you wont be able to experience the 32 vs 32? Im not insulting console gamers ive had a 360 myself and played lots of 3rd persons shooters like Gears and Lost Planet. :)
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@MrKlorox:  Yeah you're probably right. Still worth mention though since it seems pretty logic.
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@DystopiaX:  I think its 12 vs 12 for consoles. :)
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View the main article here at  
" CERFY was at C2E2 today to get some more details on Battlefield 3. The footage wasn't open to the public, but they were able to squeeze some pretty good answers out of the developers and people in the know about Battlefield 3. One question relating to whether or not console players would get smaller maps than their PC team-mates. The answer was yes, console players will get smaller maps in Battlefield 3.

Another question that has been seen many times on this forum and around other gaming websites was how were jets going to deal with the compressed maps. The reply they got was that only the players are limited to a boundary, jets would be able to fly out to circle around and come-back. Probably a lot like in Battlefield 2, soldiers couldn't go past a certain point, but jets could keep going. This is seen in the below screen shot, soldiers -> helicopters can't enter the red areas, but planes could.

Fueling the PC vs. console debate is how the graphics will differ on the platforms. This to was also answered. With DICE's talented development team they have been able to compress the graphics through streaming (which we've been hearing a lot about from GDC 2011 conferences) and pipelines. The console will then uncompress the information with about the same quality as the PC. A console has not been seen running the game yet and multiplayer videos of Battlefield 3 have not yet been seen as well.

The article did not state who they (CERFY) interviewed, but we trust it was someone reputable. "
What do you guys think? Personally I dont bother that much since im going to play this on the PC version. But I feel a little sorry for the console guys. But I lol'ed a bit though. :D
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@Mikemcn said:
" @Potter9156 said:
" Looks more scripted than COD, and not nearly as well done. Show me multiplayer. "
They seriously need to stop pushing the Singleplayer, Im sure it'll be decent but theres very little they could do to it to make it stand out from every other First Person shooter. "
Haven't you seen the trailers and read the news and listen to developer interviews? They are using ANT for charachter animation for example. ONLY THAT makes them stand out from EVERY single First Person Shooter thats out there...
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They need to fix the amount of mud splattering around after each footstep. Doesnt fit in when they run on a "clean" roof like that. :) Other than that, it looks so amazing!  And yeah, the tension of this scripted scene would have increased so much if the sniper had just shot and missed one time... After the second shot he missed I started to get irritated. Giving away his location like a complete idiot.

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Well it was an honest question regarding this game. If you guys would just shut up and stick to the subject instead of asking the same stuff over and over like "oh my god! why would you want that!? you sick bastard! you're becoming a real life serial killer! xD" for example this thread could actually survive...
Think of it. What if the Daedra hides in a childs body? :)

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@Chabbs0 said:

" @Bludgeon said:


Not my main target but if anything stands between me and my chance of creating Hell on Skyrim, they all die!. I shall rule the world. Alone. :)
The way you word things makes you sound super young, how old are you? "  
 Perhaps not main language? I wasn't even serious man lmao...



" @Brendan said:

"I'm imagining the OP as Dexter when he was a kid and killed animals as an outlet for his passions.  Anyone else seeing this? "

That's actually how many real life serial killers started out as well.  Someone hold me, I'm scared. "
Aww your such a pussy. :) 
Also stick to topic. Anyway, it's not a feature i would miss if isn't included since i've finished both Morrowind and Oblivion without even bothering that kids doesn't exist. I'm just saying if the developers even care about putting them in the game they must have at least thought of it. I can imagine them unconscious just like story charachters to work BUT even that would let the player beat the crap out of them. Hahaha... I wonder how a game like Grand Theft Auto would have been with invincible children running around. Perhaps Bethesda should just skip them.
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