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If you're an android beginner, I wouldn't recommend rooting yet. There are many good reasons to do it but you can royally fuck up your device if you misstep.

Google play has essentials lists in the store that aren't very hard to find so just browse through a little and you'll find a whole bunch. Can't provide much else without a specific need.

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It wouldn't be Kingdom Hearts without her lovely voice.

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Acid Rap

Born Sinner

Watching Movies with the Sound Off


Run The Jewels

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Steam Summer Sale: Bioshock Infinite

Magicka: Life, Cold

Tropico 4: Penultimo, Chuffney, Nick Richards


Borderlands 2: Axton, Salvador

Steam Summer Sale: Reus, Tomb Raider

Super Meat Boy: Super Meat Boy

Mark of the Ninja: Marked, Ora, Combat, Path of the Mark, We've Always Been Together

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I'm looking forward to listening to this. Good looks duder.

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They're both funny. Still can't believe how much hate there is for these characters on this site.

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I have all three of those albums and I've oddly been listening to a lot of Mac. Suplexes inside of complexes and duplexes is especially great.

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I have the exact same issue on Chrome 25 beta. I'm on Windows 8.

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I agree completely with you. I had this exact revelation while playing the first Black Ops. I just had more fun playing it on the easiest mode. I do think that difficulty is not done very well in games anyway; its usually just frustrating and tends to not be fun for me. I really like when games don't give you an option for difficulty such as Borderlands 2 because those kinds of games have their own natural difficulty progression that makes more intrinsic sense. Also, I wish more games would do the Bastion style difficulty; that was a really cool idea.