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Horrible move.

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I see the 2DS failing to make a splash. A 2D handheld is not want kids want. They want a tablet or iPod Touch. Either can do way more than a Nintendo handheld ever will.

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@bigjeffrey: Makes sense. But damn, it's still pretty lame.

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Yep. It was changed so that there is only one guide per-game.

Dude, that sucks. One guide per game? Did they ever specify why that change was made?

Those guides were useful as a super quick reference since I hate having to use plain GameFAQs text files or use Ctrl+F to search for specific stuff in vhaste's PDF guide. Ughhhhhhh.

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The last time I checked the P4 guides section there were a couple of guides. That was before the site was relaunched earlier this year. Did all of those guides get wiped out??

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Good interview. I'm disappointed danced around the Kinect requirement question though. That shit needs to go.

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I think I may finally make the switch to white. But I'm not sure...

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I still play Word with Friends with my girlfriend. Oh, and Zynga is still evil.

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:

@Blueblur1: The key is venomous reptile, and the war thing is a quote by him if you want to google it. The pres thing is completely wrong, I've since changed the hint.

Thank you, I got it. :)

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:

Fifth Freedom Fighters

-When you want someone rubbed out you call a ________

-No more ________ (Last name is "Football score")

-The wheelbound lead character in a cell shaded ps2/gc game about a specific number of "KILLER"

-Known for assassinating a president in real life (Site was buggy, I think this one popped for me)

-War, war has changed for this character (Think of a venomous reptile)

I got the first three but I don't understand the last 2 at all. :(