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I replayed Dead Space 1 and remembered what it's it like to be really excited about how much I like a game.

Honestly I didn't even remember liking it THAT much the first time some years ago. This year in gaming has also drained me of a lot of my enthusiasm for the media, Dead Space was a great treat. Here's hoping Far Cry 4 will be better than 3. 'Cause that's kind of all I'm interested in this holiday... : /

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DriveClub is starting to grow on me but my big surprise so far is how much I enjoyed Metro Redux. And that game looks great.

Yea, the Metro games have held up better than I expected too. I really enjoyed playing 2033, again, even more than the first time.

The only games I've been really JAZZED about this year were old games.... :(

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How were they? Did they feel horribly rushed/acceptably rushed/not rushed? Did the re-creations of the original cast seem legit or just dumb? Better or worse than the main game?

Basically: Your thoughts.

Please and thank you. :)

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I think the answer is obvious:

Every game is unique.

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Dead Rising (at least the 1st game) survivor AI.


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I loved dragon age, and I will probably be getting inquisition when it comes out. Am I going to wait to see review scores before making up my mind, No. I have already started looking and different videos and details about the game and will use that info to help influence my decision.

I know right! It worked out for everyone that paid full price for Dragon Age 2 right? Right?

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I've actually been replaying games all year seeing as it was going to be pretty dry from the start.

Recently I JUST finished Dead Space again (on hard this time) and I like that game more than the first time. It's such a fantastic game. Well paced, almost no cheap enemy placement and a great evolution from vulnerability to empowerment in the combat. Even still, those enemies that all tall, lanky bastards and break up into smaller crawlers when they die made me panic every time.

my list of game I replayed this year :) (I made a list at the start of the year on a scrap of paper and it's delightfully yellowed now with age and tea stains)

  • Vanquish (4th time)
  • Metro 2033
  • Nier
  • Dirt 3 (cleaned up the last 3rd of the game, still a sick game)
  • Half-Life2 + Eps
  • DmC: Devil May Cry (2 back-to-back playthroughs)
  • Dead Space
  • Bioshock (4th time)
  • Max Payne 3
  • X-Com: Enemy Unknown

I've actually enjoyed each of them as much as the first time or more in some cases. With the exception of X-Com which, though still awesome, lost something with the repetitive level design and lack of surprises.

But yea, replaying games is great. It's been my 2014 to the extent that it's made everything coming out doubly underwhelming. Basically the Metro Redux is the best release I've played this year. Weird.

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Oh yea! I really liked those! Forgot all about them.

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For my money it's got to either be Gears of War or Okami

Both are really, really fantastic games to this day.

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I cringe because in the comments on that very video there are multiple people saying (very confidently) that "Bayonetta 2 should not have gotten a 10"

Who are these people?? How do their minds work???

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Obvious Answer: Wait until Lords of the Fallen is out to get a better idea of what it offers.

My Answer: *shrugs*