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I recall a duder somewhere saying this feature should be called "Encyclofeedia Dantastica" which is probably the greatest name for a thing ever. Even better than Aubergine, or Telemundo.

I second that.

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Shadow of the Colossus is depressing as hell but didn't make me cry (also the best game of all time).

Oh yea, Shadow of the Colossus is pretty damn fantastic. I wouldn't say it's a tearjerker either BUT it's a must play for all fans of games that make you feel stuff.

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@csl316 said:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.


and Journey, not because it's sad exactly but, I dunno, just because.

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I have no problem with pre-ordering from stores. I literally can not think why it's bad, you guys seem to think it's the devil or something.

I don't buy every game I pre-order. I cancel them if the game doesn't pan (out or if I just change my mind) and get my money back.

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Not much at all. I love a great game soundtrack but when it comes to listening to them out of that environment they fall much more flat. I throw on the Hotline Miami/Bastion/Deus Ex:HR soundtrack once in a blue moon but that's about it.

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I love hearing Jeff incredulous. It makes me so happy.

64 is better, duh

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Just play what you feel like playing.

I don't have much of an 'unplayed/unbeaten' backlog but I wrote a list (on paper with a pen!) of games I wanted to re-play before the new consoles really got going. So I've been playing some older favorites.


Of your list, I would recommend go head first into either Alan Wake or Deus Ex: HR. Both are terrific games. Both also have slower starts so play for more than 30 min before potentially bailing. :P

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so many attempts

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I'm not terrifically into strategy games, my intro to the genre being Starcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 which I loved. For YEARS I tried to find one that got me that enthused to no luck.



X-COM: Enemy Unknown

-man that game is sweet.

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@kidavenger: It's deeply unimpressive at the start. I sing it's praises but even I'm realistic about the gunplay being pretty bad. What makes it great is how much weight the ambiance and story build and how well the ending resonates.

Red Dead is not the best thing ever (ME2 was easily my GotY that year) but it gets pretty damn good.