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What a great movie.

Seriously. It holds up stupidly well.

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Seeing as Alan Wake has already been spoken for:

I could name Bioshock or Mass Effect 2 but I gotta throw one out to-

I fuckin' love this game. It's oozing with dark, strange personality and handles in a way contrary to most action-shooters. Little needless details fill up and fill out the world; from being able to watch hours of tv (from classic movies to '60's cartoons), collectibles being random phone numbers that (when taken to a payphone) call someone out there in the city around you who always has something to say about random f**king phone calls, to the fact that (when duel weilding) each pistol has it's own bullet trajectory. It's one of the few only shooters that makes you look at street signs to know how to get where you're going, that gives you side quests in the subway stations, that lets you watch a whole movie sitting with your girlfriend while at the same time letting you brutally impale people with demon arms...

all the while this guy talking right... in... your... ear...

voice clips and quotes

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@freshbandito: I appreciate why you would see it that way but it does turn into an excuse to poop on whatever game people like to poop on. It turns quickly from "This game was disappointing" to "This game sucked and I didn't like it"

I dunno, negative threads go on for pages and pages and pages. Positive ones fizzle. Just bothers me is alls.

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The game's story line and dialog are one sentence away from saying "wake up seeple"

You're not wrong, but the characters are solid, the banter is solid and it moves at a solid clip. You can reduce a lot of stories, good or bad, to a single line.

Either way, fun game.

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I think you people go into games expecting a little too much.

Infamous S.S. was good.

Bravely Default was good (if you like that sort of thing)

GTAV was good (if you've played any R* game this generation and knew what you were in for)


I realize the point of the thread but jeeez, y'all are downers.

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Probably InFamous Second Son even though I never really had high hopes to begin with.

- Took me like 12 hours to not only beat the game, but 100 percent it

- Bad story

- Almost all of the side stuff is just repetitive work

- For a super hero, I sure can't take a whole lot of damage before my whole screen going ugly and having to hide in the corner for a while (why in the hell is this a popular thing to have in your video game?)

Wake up Sheeple

So people that liked it are sheep? Way to poop on people for their tastes. Or am I not understanding you correctly?

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I just wet myself in every possible way.

Replace Blood Angel with Eldar or Dark Eldar as they would be much more of an agile flipping around character like the dude from Vanquish.


Plus Space Marines can do some shit man. Some. Shit. These people have no idea. Each one is practically a demigod compared to mortal men. One of my favorite things Jim Sterling ever wrote was a small, light hearted article before 'Warhammer 40K: Space Marine' came out which was 'why a space marine would crush your favorite video game hero.' Because they really would. It was clearly written out of a love for the fluff of 40K and it really made me smile.

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Platinum and...pretty much anything

@deadpancakes said:

Platinum and...pretty much anything

@deadpancakes said:

Platinum and...pretty much anything


We can close this thread now

Riffing off the dude earlier.


I just wet myself in every possible way.

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I was wrong about Zelda: Wind Waker. You've heard the story from multiple people so no point in re-telling the same story from my perspective. I'll add that I owe a friend for letting me not miss out on this game.

Yup, a lot of us are right there with ya. It's good that we're all able to talk about it. ;)

I thought Uncharted was over hyped. It looked pretty but uninspired and banal. I ended up picking up Uncharted 1 and 2 when I got my PS3 and was not impressed by the first one. I only managed to work through it because of how charming the Nate/Elena romance was. Then, even until the halfway mark of Uncharted 2 I didn't see what all the MASSIVE hype was all about. Then the train sequence pulled the game into high gear brilliantly and that game cements itself as one of the peaks of gaming. So yea, Uncharted 2.

I also was left high and dry by Uncharted 3... :( I was expecting the best and what I got was kind of a mess. I played both back to back when I had some time off last October and it really highlights how off balance the 3rd game is when the 2nd was so effortlessly amazing.

I wasn't at all interested in where they went with banjo Nuts and Bolts but a friend practically forced me to pick it up. It's a gem of my collection now and one of the best games for people who tinkered with Lego as a kid. It's novel and really allows the player to use their problem solving talents to progress through the game which ends up being hugely rewarding.

Lastly: downloadable games. I remember when they first launched Xbox Live waaay back in the day on the classic Xbox I thought it was the dumbest thing in the world and that I would never be stupid enough to throw money into that digital garbage. By the time Geometry Wars had consumed about 40 hours of my life and Braid had knocked my socks off I had to admit this stuff might be cool. And things just continue to swing that way, obviously. The games I'm most anticipating this year are all downloadable.

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This is all quite disappointing.

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I was pretty blazed one day and back in 07 or 08 and the idea of Team Ico doing a Samurai Jack game blew my friggin mind. Obviously that was when people still believed in that team but I still think that would be an incredible combination. Their attention to detail, environmental ambiance and deft minimalistic style seemed perfect for a Jack game and I had to tell everyone I knew at the time.

More recently, while replaying Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry I thought, "Shit, these guys would make one HELL of a Spider-Man game."

GB peeps: what match-made-in-heaven games would kill you with happiness?