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I agree on all points. It mishandled what was great about the first game and just went completely wonky in story and gameplay. Easily my most disappointing game in a while.

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Lets say just of last gen. 10/10's

  • Mass Effect 2
  • Uncharted 2
  • Journey
  • Bioshock
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Physical media yo. It's where it's at. Full price digital stuff seems friggin' insane to me but people seem to dig it so I guess...

they're wrong.

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Great, looking forward to it. I haven't paid much attention to it outside of the first info but it seems cool, it's Double Fine and it's from the Double Fine that made TRECHED/Iron Brigade. Which was pretty sweet.

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Batman I suppose but my excitement has been hampered over recent months, some due to the DLC focus, some not.

Honestly, I just thought back and remembered all the tonal stuff I kinda didn't like in Arkham City. Arkham Knight looks like it'll have even more of that kind of thing. But that's personal.

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I would be super surprised to see any sort of physical redesign at this E3, it's just to soon. Maybe next year but i still think thats pushing it.

I both think he's right and hope he's right. I'll feel like a jacknob if they put out a new/better model after I've gotten so little use out of the damn thing. :<

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@brendan said:

I couldn't give you a per month figure since it swings so wildly, but I can tell you that it's between $150-250 per year for games. I will buy a couple of $69.99 CAN new releases, play a bunch of PS+ or Xbox Gold releases and get old games on sale for relatively cheap. For the small amount of money I pay per year for games I feel like I get to experience a lot.

I'm basically where this guys is. Maybe 4 new releases a year and the odd few dollars on digital stuff. Depends on the year I guess. This year I've only bought Helldivers and Bloodborn. Maybe $300 to $350 a year? Maybe less? I dunno. Money. I spend money.

I probably spend more money drinking. No. I definitely spend more money drinking.

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Journey was the last game that actually blew me away.

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When I want to go to sleep I sometimes play Proteus on my Vita.

I really like that game.

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I'm a good mix. Box games usually leave me thirsty for something with imagination and indi games leave me thirsty for something high production and very directed.

Eg. Playing Helldivers and Halo 4

Looking forward to Halo 5, Deus Ex, Uncharted 4, The Witness and No Mans Sky

Life is good.