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I'm a good mix. Box games usually leave me thirsty for something with imagination and indi games leave me thirsty for something high production and very directed.

Eg. Playing Helldivers and Halo 4

Looking forward to Halo 5, Deus Ex, Uncharted 4, The Witness and No Mans Sky

Life is good.

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I'm usually super cautious with my money and I dont support *companies whose practices I I don't appreciate (*read: Activision)

I find myself saving a lot of money on DLC at least.

I think we're just vastly outnumbered by dumb-ass people with too much money.

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I get a little huffy but (usually) before I say or write anything I remind myself that we're all allowed our opinions and it's their loss.

Then I go on with my life.


"I learned long ago, with movies, that critics always get shit wrong. So I just move on."

See, now you're just shitting on a large group of people because (it seems) like you can't take being contradicted. Which is exactly what internet people have a reputation for. So it kinda seems like you're not really moving on. :/

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Yes, I am always surprised when my controller dies and the game doesn't pause.

Like: what the hell? It seems like the simplest thing.

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*have not played Bloodborne (too hard :[ ) or Ori*

So far: HELLDIVERS has been a very good time every time I boot it up. Best thing I've played this year.

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Watching it tonight I laughed out loud when I saw Dan's dumb, grinning face looking back at me.

That and the "AIRFORCE GATOR" sign all evening... classic Dan.

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Basically just Batman? Witcher and MKX look great byt I just don't think they're for me while full price.

I'm kinda hoping smaller games will come out and surprise me. Eg. I picked up HELLDIVERS on a whim and have been loving it. It was pretty under my radar and I was all hyped for Hotline Miami 2, which wasn't very good. :( :(

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That's weird. I see people infrequently but regularly. I've seen everything, ds's, psp's and vita's. All on public transit.

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Really the point is that there are so many fucking stunning games out there, large and small.