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Hope you're still enjoying Gears 3, it's a super solid series and I personally feel three was the best of the bunch in a lot of ways. I went back and re-played (for like the 4th time) Gears 1 and 2 and both hold up really well. Maybe it was starting to run out of gas by 3 but they end it really well and overall I think it's the best.

Whatever- GAMES WOOOOO!!!

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@jasonr86: Stick with it a little more. I went in exactly as you did and wasn't exactly thrilled with my experience even to now. That said: I grew to quite like it despite it's weaknesses and (against my expectation) I found most of my enjoyment coming from the REALLY cool combat system.

Once you push the mechanics a bit you see the insane flexibility in combat and I really enjoyed being challenged by the game once I had a grasp of things. I was initially pretty let down but I got A LOT of value out of the mechanical aspects and ended up getting the platinum simply by virtue of taking on new objectives regarding the combat.

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Mmm, Remedy has done slick playing games with a couple of core mechanics (jumpshoot in Max Payne and flashlight/gun/dodge in Alan Wake). They might get a little thin towards the end but I've always found them immensely enjoyable. It at least looks different in how it treats the 'action shooter' thing and their track record for compelling, pulpy narratives is flawless.

So yea, I'm down. Super down. Except for the fact that I have no Xb1 and I consider it a compromise of my character to buy one...


I'll have to figure something out...

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I suppose the site changes as the people do and we have to roll with it. The site has always been about honesty and humor so I wouldn't want them to "try" and be anything but that.

I do miss Ryan though.

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Cool beans broskoffski.

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basically Far Cry 4.

I know it doesn't have a date yet but it's the only certainty in my purchasing schedule.

EDIT: I will be hard pressed to not buy a WiiU when Bayonetta 2 comes out as well. :(

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-Halo 4-


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@brendan said:

Huh, interesting question. I'm not as worried about it because I'm in the weird place where my Super Nintendo that's been hanging around my house since 1994 is in the process of dying, so I'm in a real existential "Nothing lasts forever, it's all about the experience" kind of mood.

Yea man.

P.S. This song is rad.

P.P.S. Seriously, no sarcasm.

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Virtual Boy


I'm not even kidding, that game is awesome.

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@handlas said:

Thinking about trying Zeno Clash 2. Think it was 15 bucks for 90 days.

But, overall, I agree with most everyone. The pricing is ridiculous. Darksiders 2 for 30 bucks for 90 days? F1 2013 for 50 bucks for 90 days? What in the fuck?

Also, I really want the ability to purchase endless streaming of a game. Say I rent it for 4 hours and like it and want to have all the time in the world to play it... that would be nice. Not expecting that to be an option tho so maybe a subscription service would be nice although I don't think I'd pay for that.

Isn't Zeno Clash $15 to buy? $20 at the absolute most...