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Grim Fandango.

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Was there an option to use L1/R1 for aiming/shooting?

I didn't look. :/ Sorry. But what kinda of sicko would use that anyway. :P

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@tpoppapuff: Exactly. One of the best purchases I made in 2014 / that I enjoyed the most was the Metro Redux. A fresh presentation can do a lot for an experience and a shabby one can do a lot of harm.

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@baillie said:

@bluefish: I dunno why but I never enjoyed Mario Galaxy. I really didn't like the first Bayonetta so the big one is way off my radar. I'm a dick, I know.

You absolutely are, but dicks are like opinions. If you take a careful moment to present them thoughtfully, things can go pretty well.

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The thing is, you have to remember that the Xbox 360 ran those OG Xbox games through an emulator. That allowed them the freedom to upscale and smooth things out and make the games look nice, but it came with the consequence of some games didn't get emulated nearly as well and others weren't emulated at all. I

I did not know this. That's super cool and explains why Xbox games look so friggin slick through a 360.

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@baillie said:

There's absolutely nothing I find worth playing on either Wii or Wii U.

Well that's a pretty strong personal opinion. Collectively they have multiple games that got 10/10 from multiple outlets.

Plus: come on.

How do you not like this face?

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@geardo said:

People, the system has awesome games now. Stop reaching for reasons to not buy one. If you have the money and time, it's worth it.

It's more a time thing. Like I said, I'm swamped with games. And I know myself, if I'm trying to play the Metroid Prime trilogy and it looks like poop I'll never make it all the way through. Games fight for my time, less so my money.

And it does have awesome games but I don't do local multiplayer which basically kills Smash and Mario Kart for me. I'm left with Bayo 2, 3D Land and... I dunno. Wonderful 101 probably? Zelda when it comes out? But if I could play beautiful versions of Galaxy, Prime etc that would be another story.

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@zeik said:

Upscaling really only does so much. The PS3 will upscale PS2 games, but the difference is pretty minimal. It would never be like upscaling on a PC emulator.

The only thing keeping me from buying a WiiU at this point is money. Once I have the cash to spare I will probably buy one. This coming year looks to be especially noteworthy for WiiU releases.

I mean yes and no. Throwing a classic Xbox game into a 360 actually looks really crisp. But seeing Wii or PS2 games running natively just... I dunno. I can do it for a while but it kills immersion just enough that I tend to fall out of the game over time.

@tuxfool said:

What keeps me from buying a WiiU? Dolphin exists.

Part of the appeal is then I would get to play WiiU games. And I'm allergic to going through settings menus. I kinda hate computers too. Games do look amazing on Dolphin though.

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I honestly would have bought the damn thing if it did. I grew up with Nintendo stuff like so many of us and they just give me too many good reasons to not buy their more modern consoles/Wii/WiiU. Some good stuff is available for both but in a life where I'm inundated with games it's hard to justify another console.

If it upscaled Wii games I would have bought the thing. The most recent thing that brings it to mind is Galaxy and the Metroid Prime trilogy coming to the virtual store. I would buy the shit out of both of those but the reality of how they look on modern TV's, regardless of how shallow it makes me, is realistically something that would keep me really digging into them like I would otherwise.

What keeps you (they who have not bought a WiiU) from buying a WiiU? Realistically: what could Nintendo do to push you over the edge?

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See, I very much agree. The PS4 infamous stuff has been really good but people act like their a homeless guy asking for change/wont give them the time of day. Sure they're not perfect but they're friggin FUN to play, beautiful and smooth as butter.

Glad to hear you're digging it.

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@trylks said:

I wasn't looking forward into anything before reading this thread.

After reading it, I'm not looking forward into anything yet.

That's so sad for you. :(