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When I draw, I always warm up before hand. Most times, they are doodles of the crew, or explosions.

Here's the last warmup I did. Tempted to turn it into a mini animated short.

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FINALLY! I have an excuse to upload this.

After the deadly alliance was broken.

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Good luck to whoever get's the position!!! Exciting!! :)

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@zeik: Oh, I wasn't aware that there was an investment of some sort within creating a clan! My b.

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Why not just turn the current one into a mountain clan, and then create your own personal one?

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Cherry Mistmas!

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9 months! And I live in San Francisco. In an expensive studio. High fives duders, let's all hang ourselves tonight! WOO!!

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Uhh.... What?

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Anyone ever assume that he isnt going to kill himself, but rather, has a life ending affliction?

In either case, hope ur life was a good one bro. You may not believe in an afterlife, but maybe... just maybe I'll run into you after this.

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There's this guy I met at a bar in San Fran. Looks just like the guy. I had to do a spit take.