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To quote Jeff: "WARNING! Not what you're looking for!"

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@bunnymud said:

Why is it called a key blade? I don't see a blade on that thing nowhere's

There's also a X-Blade, pronounced key, or kai blade. Don't get me started...

Also, if Sora remains on his path of going full retard, I will be sorely disappointed. Dream Drop Distance was a mistake in his character development. Oh fuck, I forgot its Square Enix, nevermind.

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Wow, that was a long form. o_o'

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Calling it an extended cut leads people to believe that this piece of content existed before the game was released, which is strange, but at least its free right guys?... guys?... :(

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@scaramoosh said:

No refunds from pre orders.........

kinda fucked up

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Oh don't worry, GiantBomb will become GameSpot, or GameSpot will be assimilated by GiantBomb, rest assured. Why would a major company have two very large gaming site under their wing? Doesn't make any sense. Why would you rather have two separated user bases, rather than a unified one. From a business perspective, I'm sure that seems like a waste of resources.

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Honestly, the best possible advice is make sure you read everything in the game, because generally, where you have to go, or what you have to do is a lot of times, subtly dropped just from a conversation with NPCs. And make sure to talk to all npc's you might see too.

Also, if you ever feel like your character line up isn't packing enough punch, try grinding out some levels. It is the most tedious part of any RPG, Japanese or otherwise, but a lot of times necessary, or try different combinations with the characters you have.

One last thing, ALWAYS have a healer!

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Dude! Ultra Magnus is in Crono Trigger? Hell yea! Bobo best watch out.

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Oh crap, yea that's gonna be a shit show with them trying to get the clone. Honestly, I don't even remember how you are told in game that Norstein Bekkler HAS the clone for you to obtain? Or, if they are told, the conversation between Patrick and Ryan forgetting everything might come into play:

Ryan: OK Patrick, we have to go find a clone of Brono. The NPC told us to seek out Norstein Bekkler. Now...where is he again?

Patrick: Wasn't he the guy in the tent at Leene Square?

Ryan: Alright that makes sense, let's try there... uhm... Where's Leene Square again?

Patrick: It's in 1000 A.D.

Ryan: Oh right!... Where's 1000 A.D. again?


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sweetness, physical CD plus a digital download? im on board

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