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I've just encountered this bug when going through the dungeon "Lost Valkrygg", its really annoying me as I have a major OCD with this stuff. Been through it 3 times, even loaded up an old previous save and gone through it and it still doesn't show up as "Cleared". -.-

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@RE_Player92: From his NeoGaf post :(

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People always say "It's the 21st century, where's my rocket ship?" You know what, it's right there in your pocket, that thing you now just take for granted every day. Ten years ago, if I had described to you an iPhone it would have BLOWN YOUR FUCKING MIND, you would have refused to believe such a device would exist so soon in the future. But it does, as does the rest of the smartphone market, because Jobs willed it into existence. And changed the way we work, play, communicate, learn, basically do everything. Anyone claiming he was just a savvy marketer and not a tech visionary doesn't have a fucking clue what they're talking about.
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The guy got this taken down because of how he poked fun at the guy himself, not because of the review of the game. He showed some of his most personal things to the thousands of viewers on his video, I can't blame him to have it removed.