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Kind of a lackluster E3

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@zauzazu said:

Transformers 2. And I was at the age where all of my friends thought it was the best thing they had ever seen. It was aggravating.

I had the same problem. The two friends I went with and myself were all 16 at the time, and I absolutely hated Transformers 2 and they were defending it. It was really frustrating because I knew I just saw complete and utter garbage. That being said, Transformers 2 was the worst Summer movie I've ever seen, I haven't seen 3 but I'm avoiding it like the plague.

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She's giving Super Saiyans everywhere a bad name.

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Why would Nintendo bother making a 3DS with no 3D functionality? If you don't want to use the 3D feature, you can just turn it off. Also, the 2DS design is hideous, and on top of that it doesn't even fold. How is anyone supposed to carry that clunky thing around with them? This is such a confusing and pointless move by Nintendo.

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Saints of Rage was my favourite moment. I would totally be down for an entire side scrolling beat 'em up Saints Row game.

And Asha's loyalty mission was hilarious as well. I failed because I didn't shoot out a light before taking out a guard, so dumb but so funny.

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The Jeff being disgusted by gin gif is a classic.

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@thepickle: I still haven't forgiven them for getting rid of cini minis

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Awesome. I'd love to see one for the Nintendo Sales Rabbit conversation they had a month ago.

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I HATE the carnage character, so shallow and uninteresting. I also never liked Venom as a character, but at least I liked the concept of Spidey's Secret War costume being an alien that wanted to bond with him. I think the Spider-Man films have already exhausted what is insteesitng about his villains, do we really want to see The Scorpion, Vulture, or Rhino?

I think Rhino has been confirmed for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as Electro.