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If you watch Young Justice or Green Lantern Animated Series then you should know that the show is off the air until January, this sudden change is very upsetting. We only got this back 2 weeks ago and the fact they pulled it till January, is very upsetting and we need to show they can't pull this crap. Thank You.

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Can't wait to get the game and this bonus will be nice to get to help enhance the funness

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I've had this happen a few times. I played Sonic Unleashed on my PS2 and beat it by accident and ever since have never been able to beat it. I also had a very similar thing happen with the challenges on Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, where I beat the challenges in my sleep but to this day cannot beat them.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

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This is a question I have had. The Wii which had prettty sh!tty quality and sold a lot and in my neighborhood sold way more than PS3 and Xbox 360. People really buy Nintendo's gamestation for the exclusives. I mean I almost bought a Wii instead of a PS3 because of it.

Nintendo is the King of exclusives it has the 2 biggest exclusive franchises of all time and no series comes even close. These 2 being Mario and Zelda.

Now I ask the question again, how much do people really care about the tech. As I have mentioned my area and a few neighboring towns have had Wii's sell out and the Wii exclusives be virtually gone in a few days. And the sales for Wii surprising was able to keep up with PS3 and Xbox 360 despite the way lower graphics quality.

So do people really care that much? Personally I probably would have considered buying Wii U for the exclusives if the tech level had remained around the same level as Wii, and I know all my friends have had the same thought. With this improvement in tech, it definitely increased the wanting of the console but I don't think it effected it THAT MUCH.

So how much does this improvement effect the wanting of the Wii U...this is the question I pose and can't wait to here the answer from you.

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I don't know so, I'm listening.

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Mine is Transformers Fall of Cybertron what is yours?