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@ShaggyChu said:
" I'm always up for some more Bang Camaro.     *whispers* needs more Rush though... "
2112 FULL ALBUM DLC!!!!!!!!
Or at least Permanent Waves
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Yeah you can plug a headset into the Mustang pro guitar. ;)

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Okay cool.
Thanks for the feedback.

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If I buy an upgrade for a song to get the pro guitar and pro bass charts for a song, would I still be able to play that song with another person that just has the song without the upgrade??
Because I'm thinking of upgrading "Subdivisions" for pro guitar but I wanna make sure I can still play it with my friends that just have the song without the upgrade.

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Aww man no pro guitar for Band on the Run...I would have hoped it would have pro guitar support.
Oh well, at least there are keys and harmonies...I'm not that mad about it either since it's actually the original version this time.  I'll re-buy it actually since it's different.

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The keys for this re-release does look awfully crazy however.

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I still haven't bought I Want to Break Free and Somebody to Love yet so I might pick those up sometime.
But yeah really though, I agree it's stupid how they're making you pay for re-releases...I would be okay if it was a small price like a pro guitar/pro bass upgrade but not a whole 160 points.

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I thought Akuma was deconfirmed??
Yeah I agree with the guy above, it looks more legit than another other leaked list but can't be 100% sure.
I hope to god Sentinel is not on this game.  He's a fucking bitch.  Put someone better like Venom.

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Yeah I'm not really digging the price scheme for these songs =/
You're basically paying the same amount of money for a song that you've already had, but the only updates are pro keys and pro harmonies and you still have to pay more for pro guitar and pro bass. 
If it was like 80 points just for the keys and harmonies, I'd be ok.