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Yeah I'm curious on how this is all gonna work out.  Hopefully they put What's My Name or G'z and the Hustlaz on there if they're going to put Snoop Dogg.

But if they were going to put hip-hop on Rock Band, I would wish they would put in The Roots, since they're actually a band.  ?uestlove's drumming is sick and I would love to play Here I Come and The Seed 2.0 on drums.  Then also Public Enemy and Anthrax - Bring The Noise and By the Time I Get To Arizona (also by Public Enemy) would be sick to see on Rock Band.

At least it's going farther than just "Beastie Boys"  I think the farthest a rock game gone with hip-hop was with Run-DMC on GH: Aerosmith.

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Okay so Street Fighter IV is coming out on Tuesday right...I put $10 into the game so all I have to pay now is $49.99 plus tax with it.  But I also want to play this highly anticipated video game in the best way as possible so I was thinking of buying the Akuma Fightpad for the game.  But I keep hearing that the diagonals are really bad and only a small percentage of people have gotten their controllers with no problem at all.  Plus this product is $39.99 and, uhm, yeah that's kind of a lot of money, plus I already have money saved up for Resident Evil 5 so I'm not trying to spend too much and I also wanna save to get Guitar Hero: Metallica.

So anyways, the thing is, should I buy the Street Fighter IV Akuma Fightpad or just spend my extra money on GTA IV: Lost & Damned or  New Super Mario Bros for DS? (or simply put, another low priced game)

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RHCPfan24 said:
"HandsomeDead said:
"For instruments, I imagine it'd be on Nightmare or something because it's fast and repetitive but for the vocals, that would definitely be zero stars."
Yeah, it is like a "Give it Away" or "So Whatcha Want". It is just super easy if you just blabber into the mic."
"Give It Away" was on Nightmare though lol.

Not to mention Visions, which is a song that really can't be sung so you just hum the whole thing (scarier thing is that a girl sings that song) since there is no notes at all in it lol.  I got 100% on it and I didn't even bother to growl the whole entire thing.
#4 Edited by Blueprint12 (247 posts) - you guys think this would be on Rock Band 2 on vocals??

For some reason, I can imagine this song being on nightmare or even impossible just because of the very fast chorus throughout the song...other than that, it's just another talky song but it wouldn't be the first time a talky would make it on impossible (i.e. Timmy & The Lord of the Underworld).  Plus I could imagine them actually making you sing the notes for the chorus.

This would also be a crazy song to do on drums too.  Oh and I know a lot of people can't stand this song but please keep any negative comments to yourself :)

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Arkthemaniac said:
"And Smashing Pumpkins.
Gimme the rest of Siamese Dream or perish.
Yeah that...and also have 1979 as a DLC song ;)
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Some Alice In Chains would be pretty sick too.

Them Bones ftw.

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Ten is a great favorite songs on there are probably Garden, Jeremy, Oceans, Alive, and Evenflow...there are a lot of good songs on it though.

They should finish up the Nirvana album since they have like almost the entire album on the track just need Smells Like Teen Spirit (How the hell can you not have that as a DLC?!?!?), Lithium, and Come As You Are.

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It's all personal opinion really...I like them both equally although Master of Puppets >>> everything else.  It would be interesting to see Rock Band release another album by the same artist...If they decide not to do it, it's not a problem with me though cause we still got a ton of Megadeth to play but I'm just saying it'd be cool if it was on RB2.  Then also I could play the master recording of Hangar 18 and also score dual someone on it :D

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....Rust In Peace by Megadeth will be out a week before GH: Metallica drops??

I'm just saying since Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? was released around the time they released Death Magnetic.

If they do release Rust In Peace, that'd be so sick...Hangar 18, Take No Prisoners, Lucretia, Rust In Peace...Polaris would all be fun to play.