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It's just too bad that rock band network songs still can't be updated with the pro stuff, like Obfuscation by Between the Buried and Me for came out after Rock Band 3 came out but it's still as if it's Rock Band 2 DLC.

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On the setlist, I know at first people were wondering why all the diversity but I found it to be a great thing because it not only introduces people to different bands and music styles, but it also has something for anyone that is a fan of rock music.
You got artists from Amy Winehouse to The Doors to Bob Marley to Anthrax, it's all good, everyone can find something to be satisfied with.
Man I wish I had the pro keys :(  Maybe for my birthday or something.

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" Honestly, I'm finding that most songs met my expectations for being fun as hell, such as Rehab, and others didn't even come close to meeting my expectations, like I Can See for Miles and Fly Like an Eagle. "

Ahh man, I was very disappointed with I Can See for Miles.  You basically play rhythm guitar on the whole damn song, you don't even get to play the strumming solo :(
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Yay!! Subdivisions on RB3!
Yeah I do agree that it should have been included on the disc but oh well.
Hopefully they release 2112 on Rock Band sometime in the future.  Either 2112 or Permanent Waves would be great.

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I mean yeah that makes sense, but Rock Band 1, 2, and LEGO Rock Band DLC have the same format so it all works with each other compatibly.  It's just that to go through LEGO Rock Band, it needs to go through the family friendly section.  I was just asking if there's something explicit on the live version that's not in the master recording.
But it's whatever, not like kids even care of what's in the content of the music.
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@sofacitysweetheart said:
" @Blueprint12 said:

" You know something ironic??  Fire (Live) is not playable on LEGO Rock Band yet the master recording is actually IN THE GAME.  I wonder why...anyone notice?? "

That's not really ironic :). Just absurd. Kinda like how The Metal by Tenacious D is classified as "Rock", not "Metal" :)



" Hendrix is all cool, but C'mon EA. Give me a good reason to use my drums. Give me something difficult. Something heavy. Like Trivium, Daath, or... Dethklok. "

Are you being serious? The Jimi Hendrix Experience tracks are some of the most challenging drum songs in Rock Band. Do you know who Mitch Mitchell is? Hide your head in shame, sir. Also, Trivium are about as heavy as Avenged Sevenfold. Which is to say, they are not heavy at all :) "

Yeah I know, I found that funny lol.  But on a serious note, does the Live version have something that makes it not PG enough or what??
As for the Jimi Hendrix and drums, If 6 Was 9 = HELL on drums
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You know something ironic??
Fire (Live) is not playable on LEGO Rock Band yet the master recording is actually IN THE GAME.  I wonder why...anyone notice??

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Uuuummmmm I never said it was real...I was just mentioning that it was a new leaked list lol.

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Iron Fist
Super Skrull
Captain America
The Kingpin
She Hulk
Squirrel Girl
Misty Knight
Silver Samurai


Chun Li
Chris Redfield
Albert Wesker
Frank West
Viewtiful Joe
Mike Haggar
Franziska Von Karma
Tron Bonne
Nathan Spencer
Date Masamune
This was taken from
It was still before MODOK got revealed but just showing off a new list.  This one is fake right off the bat, because Kingpin was confirmed to be a cameo but deconfirmed as an actual playable character.  I just felt like sharing this list though.  It would be pretty awesome if Mysterio made it.  Zero and Strider would be excellent too.  But no Mega Man, I wonder why?
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MODOK looks like he'd be a fun character to use and so does Arthur.
I've always been a Magneto fan so I'm happy to see him make it.
Rad Spencer...ehh, I was hoping for the one that the user above me posted to be honest but oh well, I like the friendly rivalry he has with Iron Man and Spider-Man.  Still, I can already see people picking him and being cheap with him.