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I know I'm a little late here but I'll just say I wasn't really that impressed with the demo.
I found most of the game boring and the sad part too is that I enjoyed the Foo Fighters' song more than I enjoyed Black Sabbath's (in reality, I like the Black Sabbath song more too but the charting is horrible).
I just hope 2112 comes out on Rock Band 3 DLC.  Rush should get a 2nd album on the Rock Band Music Store.  Megadeth, Judas Priest, Pearl Jam, and No Doubt already have.

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I think they'll just put in classic Mega Man in.
I never played TvC so idk about Volnutt but so many people are complaining about him, idk why, but yeah.

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@icytower38 said:
" Xbox 360 release and I'm in "

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@StaticFalconar said:
" Full screen apocalypse  "
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@ImpendingFoil said:

" Venom/Carnage  Either is fine. "

^ This
Also hope they put in Magneto and Storm in as the last returning characters from Marvel.  Then M. Bison definitely needs to be in this.  Mega Man too, even if it's the old school Mega Man.  At least Zero if they can't put Mega Man X.
Hmm, Samuel L. Fury would be awesome in this game and Nero would great too.  He has potential with his devil bringer arm.
Man just sucks Ghost Rider and Gene won't be able to make it but I'm happy and excited so far anyways.
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Guess who's the happiest one in this thread?? =)

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Damn, X-23 is hot!
And I think we might get Wesker after all! :) 
Cause so far it looks like: Either Magneto or Psylocke, Spider-Man, Wesker, and Tron Bonne.
Whoops, nvm.  It's not Magneto or Psylocke, just X-23 again.

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Sorry, I can't reply to everyone right now in this blog, as my time here right now is limited, but thanks to all of you for giving out your individual opinions and suggestions.  I'm really grateful for your advices.
I think, for now, I'll just stick to the Xbox 360.  Sure PS3 is getting more popular right now but if I can still play 80% of the same games on my 360, then I think I should be fine for now.  I'll get a PS3 only when I'm for sure that I have a great amount of extra money. 
But thanks again for the support everyone!

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@iam3green said:
" yes, you should get the ps3. i play it a lot. i also have a xbox 360. i play them both equally when i want. my ps3 is my online console and xbox 360 for the single player ones. i chat with some friends on xbox 360 from time to time. the online for the ps3 is free so you don't have to pay like xbox live. "
Just curious though, besides the fact that it's free, what makes you like the PS3 online better than the xbox 360's online??
I just wanna know because everyone I know that's multi-platform goes with Xbox Live but I want to hear someone with a different opinion say why they like the other better.
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@supermike6 said:
" I only have a 360 and a Wii, and if you are lacking money, then I'd say focus on buying games instead of a new console. I'd love to have a PS3, but I also like buying new games, so you have to make the decision based off that. You don't have to play every game out there, and in fact you'll probably end up playing more games if you don't spend all your game money on a new console. "
See, this is the position where I'm at right now.   I'm lacking money to purchase a new console at the moment.  So right now, I'm just purchasing games that I'm ABLE to purchase.  Next on the list is Halo: Reach.
You've got a great point there though man.  I just wanted to know though if it would be worth getting a PS3 if I already own an Xbox 360 since both of the systems are very similar and aren't that much different, asides from the online and the exclusives.  I loved the PS1 and the PS2 too so yeah.