The State of MW2

  I tried posting this yesterday on the forums, but I guess one of the mods didn't like it because it was deleted.  Oh well, here it is again:

“You pick up the bomb.  Run forward into the trench, and peek your head out to make sure the coast is clear.  You go back into your cover, and check the scoreboard to see who is left.  Only one player: Xxc0dIzhackzxX.  Ok, time to go plant.  You get up, move five feet…*Boom*  You sigh, accept that you have been sniped, and settle in to watch the KillCam.  But then you notice that you have just been sniped by some 12 year old guy in his spawn with a wall hack; something you should have expected when you read his name.”

If you have no idea what that blurb above was about, you probably have not played MW2 in quite some time.  For you, this is the scene in MW2 these days (Xbox 360), especially in the playlist titled Search and Destroy.  If you did understand that description, I hope you share the disappointment that I feel in this situation.  Disappointment, not only because a person would pay upwards of $125 for a “J-Tag,” but disappointment because of what this magnitude of hacked games represents:  nobody is doing enough to stop it.

Let me first shift the blame towards Microsoft, for they should be banning all of these J-Tag consoles as soon as they come online.  Yet they do not.  I understand that, in some instances, it is possible for a J-Tag to change its serial number, to work around the ban.  Yet the console would still be a J-Tag, with an illegitimate serial code.  Red flag?  However, I feel that the real culprit in this situation is Activision.  I have no doubts in my mind that Activison is not allowing Infinity Ward (or what is left of the studio) to do any real clean up.  Why?  If IW were to clean-up (ban) all of the hacked consoles, 10th prestige lobby children, and hard drive hacks, I would argue only 30-40% of the Xbox Live MW2 population would be left.  And for a company like Activision, who is money hungry and looking to charge for online play in the near future, that form of large ban could severely damage the revenue to be made with that charge on matchmaking.  So they let the hacks persist.

This creates a sense of fear in myself, if this form of money hungry “politics” is to persist into the future of game publishing.  Another feeling that this leads to is anger, because, as a student hoping to study game design, this would mean that I will be foreced to watch the games I make fall prey to the cold, slimy hands of overweight children who have nothing better to do than spend money on pointless hacks.

If I offended any hackers out there, good.  You all suck at the game; I could beat you any day of the week, any month of the year.  If you really feel obligated enough to go spend $125 on a hacked console just so you feel what it is like to “win,” you have your priorities, and life, severely confused.  Go outside, meet with some friends, or, at worst, go play a different game if you cannot handle losing at MW2.


Ethernet Ports...

Why did my Xbox 360's Ethernet port have to go and die?  Now I have to go buy a new xbox, just to enjoy everything the 360 has to offer.  And if you could not tell, this blog was crafted fo' some quest xp...


I welcome myself to the new Giant Bomb!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say hello to the new Giant Bomb (I was gone for the past week and only just joined), and I wanted to say of how awesome the site is!  I can see myself spending a ton of time writing reviews on games and helping to make the database even better than it is now!  That's it for now, see you all some other time.