Chillin mad yo

Same stuff still play rock band 2 alot, am so pumped for the new Madden to come out soon and I cannot describe how much I want to play Modern Warfare 2.

Also in a twist I have been playing through Final Fantasy IX again man that game is awesome best in the series by far I am really enjoying it so far.


RB2 and stuff

Well Rock Band 2 has come and it is righteous indeed. The 84 songs are all very solid as our all the new modes and features, battle of the bands and online world tour stuff is awesome. I wrecked the vocals pretty quickly I have already gold/5 starred every song in the game, doing this to all but 4 songs on sightread putting me in the top 50 for vocal career songs rather quickly. Also the continous DLC support is awesome with Peace Sells but whos buying album being the best DLC since the Screaming for Vengeance album and the disturbed pack. Awesome songs that are very fun to sing and very fun and challenging  to play as a band. I will continue to learn/write paths and get better to stay in the top 50-100 range  for vocal career score and will continue to burn through the games songs with my band The Phil Collins rejects so we can get back to top 30 band career score like we were in RB1.

Also with so many good shooters comming out and me taking a break from it I went back to COD4 and it is just as awesome, I think I will start playing it regularly again untill cod5 comes out just to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of this game before I have to move on for good to other games/shooters.

Peace and keep rocking yall


Inactive for a bit and some other stuff

As class and football season move into full swing now my time on this site will go down alot, as it already has these past few weeks. But I have had a great time checking out this rad place and love all the content Jeff and company put out.

Madden 09 is a lot of fun and besides that my Rock Band and COD4 addiction continues, I am so pumped for rock band 2.

But yeah may not be around here as much but go Pack and keep on rocking Giant bomb your awesome.


Giant Bomb is up!

Checking out the new site is awesome, lots of cool stuff here and a point system for me to horde points in!

I have been following this  thing since its first blog post as I followed Jeff from gamespot to his own blog to here and it was worth the wait.

Great job guys!