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I played through Dark Souls 2 on ps3 when it came out, but am thinking about playing through Scholar of the First Sin on PS4 to play the dlc. Is it worth it to see the dlc, or should I just play 3? I've heard the dlc is very good, but not sure if it's worth the time investment.

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I have only played Bloodborne and MKX this year, and both are really good. Bloodborne is my top game right now though.

I really want to play The Withcher 3, but am not sure if I should just wait to play it until I build a PC or get it for PS4.

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I have this game as well on PS4 but haven't messed around with it in months. I am interested in getting back into it though, even though I suck, just because I love looking at it so much. PSN - bmehlers

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@l1ghtn1n: Thanks for the tips. It's just hard to know when I can let off block press a button, it's just seems my attacks are always getting beat. Just curious, what characters are you mainly using?

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@captain_max707: Haha, I just moved it to the MKX forum, I thought I posted i there to begin with.

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I am so fucking frustrated with this game! How do you stop people who just constantly jump attack you and attack low? They are always on top of me and I can't get them off. I don't understand the wakeup game, and my wakeup attacks never seem to work. I have not been able to deal with this at all, and it feels like their attacks always get priority over mine. My inputs feel really delayed, and I know there is often lag online. I know I am terrible at this game, but shit these players don't even use combos. I am disabled and have to use a fightstick because I cannot do the precise inputs on the controller with my left hand. I know that has a lot to do with it, but I need some advice on how to handle this tactic. Anyone else feel this way? Thanks in advance for any comments!

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I played the shit out of MK9, though I'm not very good at fighting games. I mostly played Smoke, Ermac, and Sub-Zero in MK9, but a lot of the characters in MKX look awesome.

PSN: bmehlers

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Hey guys! As the title suggests, I am wanting to get into PC gaming by building my first gaming PC. However, I bought a PS4 in September and am trying to justify spending up to $1500 on a new pc. The Witcher 3 is a big reason why I want a PC, as I kind of want to experience it in the best possible way. I played The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360, and while I really enjoyed it, I kept thinking about how much better the PC version looked.

Here is the build I am leaning towards,, but I am definitely open to suggestions on different components or brands. I would also need to purchase a copy of Windows. I want to keep the machine on the smaller side, as I really dislike those huge, bulky cases. I still don't think they have released requirements for The Witcher 3, but how do you think this build would fare? Is the overclocking cpu worth the extra expense? I would eventually like to get a monitor, so which models would you recommend?

I really appreciate all suggestions or comments, so thank you in advance.

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Third party, specifically Warner Bros. will have a monster 2015 with Dying Light, Mortal Kombat X, Batman: Arkham Knight, and of course The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Good luck Patrick, I am really going to miss Bombin' the AM.