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I'm 5 years clean off of WoW and don't plan on wasting anymore of my life on a game that only wants you to do just that. I capped 4 classes on the first expansion and had most of the tier 5 gear for all but my Shaman. What a waste of my time! WoW is the biggest regret of my life.

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I know who it is but the website won't give me the credit...Some one message me so I can run by the name. a simple yes or no to the guys name will be fine.

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I don't mean to necro, but I lost all hope for Diablo III after the first delay. I'll buy it eventually but I can't stand how Blizzard pushes their products back further and further...This is by the far the longest delayed game besides Star Craft: Ghost! Hehe.

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I have waited a long time for this game to come out. I heard rumor that it's release date was set back yet again. Is this true? I hate rumors and sometimes it hard to filter through the crap on some rumor-mills...Anyone care to shed some light for me?

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@dungbootle: Ugh, anything handheld related to a main series is usually horrible...with some exceptions :)

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@The_Laughing_Man: That was the G.U. Series, it was really fun and had lots of mmo related jokes. These games are almost as hard to find as the Shin Megami Tensai PS2 games. Side note-I recently got my hands on Nocturne and it was well worth the 30 bucks and long wait to get...

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I found out that there is a new dot.hack game coming out in japan that includes a movie that is relevant to the game. This time the main character in the movie looks like a female Kite and the graphics are amazing! It gives a fresh look to the pho-mmo feel and design of the game...Expect lots of emoji's! I'm praying for some fresh mini-games and side-quests...please be more than 50 hours of game-play!

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@algertman: I agree with you, I played it for a few hours and had to put into my graveyard...