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Are they pushing April Fools further up this year? Hold on to this news until April, 1! Geez!

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Well, I also hated Deus Ex, so I might have to agree with him on Halo 4. He probably does not approach Halo 4 the same way people that are fans of the series approach it. I do think he might be a little too hard on it, though. I think Brandom Justice from EGM was a little more fair with the 7/10 that he gave it and his explanations of why. The moral of the story is to take these reviews with a grain of salt. Just keep in mind their arguments if you're on the fence.

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I think this might be the game that finally convinces me to buy a PS3. I ♥ Studio Ghibli.

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Free is nice, but who wants to play more of a broken game?

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I downloaded it and it reset my abilities, but I didn't lose anything. It was more of a free respec.

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Your sister probably has a bigger problem with hearing your shit instead of just the cursing. Find a way to control the volume, like headphones.

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What I hate is when sex is in a movie or game for no reason. Especially if it something geared toward the young men demographic.

To quote Jeff and Ryan from an early 2008 Bombcast, "She has big tits and a bigger gun!"

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The cards should be cool. I really like the ones that came with my copy of KoA:Reckoning, so hopefully these will be as good.

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@doobie said:

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This might be a great game but CVG is not a great source for a review.

why not.

I read quite a bit about their shady business practices recently. There was a thread on GAF, can't find it anymore.

...but you source some thread on GAF that you can't find.

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I'm guessing a 5/5, soley based on what people are saying who have played it. I also think it will score higher than the new Hitman.