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That's too bad. That's always my favorite piece to read on GB all year. Maybe they'll add a second director whose movies I've never watched.

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I honestly figured they would require all new gear (no upgrading exotics at all, you'll need gear from the new level 28 raid to do the new level 32 raid). So they're actually being a little nicer than the average MMO developer.

The problem is that you need people wanting to do the new content. Allowing exotics to be upgraded is a nice gift, but requiring them to be upgraded from the start still allows the new gear from the expansion to remain attractive. How exciting would be it be to get your first new exotic or legendary after a week one when you've already quickly maxed out (level 32) all of your existing exotics?

But really, I've come to accept that this is one of the biggest drawbacks of MMO's. You constantly need to "break" people's existing progress (either figuratively or literally), and people don't like or understand that.

... also if you think people are upset now, wait until the "welfare" legendaries start coming ...

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After bringing in Dan it's been the second best thing that's happened to the bombcast recently. Still miss Vinny and Patrick though. Probably won't happen but it would be great if they came into town for GOTY discussions. Would love to hear Vinny and Dan on the same podcast.

Jeff is so much funnier now because he gets to react to the news. Brad reprimands Dan when Dan says horrible things. And when Brad tries to halt a conversation prematurely it seems like Jeff just keeps talking, which is as it should be.

I think it's been a great, great change.

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That's an "expansion"? Jesus. WoW gets more than that in free, post-expansion updates.

And by the time you get that "free" patch you've paid 80 bucks in subscription fees ...

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@slndr said:

My conclusions as 2014 comes to a close.

Man, Destiny 2 and Titanfall 2 will both be some solid games.

Actually, the news today made me think that I now have no interest in Destiny 2. Why buy a game and run the risk of being surprised by intentionally-crippled DLC?

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GT: Boatorious

Still just 23 right now, looking for low level weekly heroic buddies :)

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So sad to hear this Jeff. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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I just hit level 20 (I'm 21 now) -- what do you think I should focus on to get gear? Last night I went to the Cosmodrome and ran around and did public quests and got 20-25 vanguard marks in 2 or 3 hours. It was fun but I wonder if I'm doing the wrong thing.

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tag is Boatorious


Just playing Destiny, for now.

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Congratulations Vinny! You should've named her Minnie, how cool would that have been?