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Thanks for everything duder! I still listen to old podcast regularly and it's still bringing me a lot of joy. I'll raise a glass today for sure.

This always makes me laugh a little, then cry a little, then repeat about ten times.

We miss you Ryan!

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1st place for me : I bought a Lifetime Subscription ($149) for Hellgate:London.

2nd place : Hellgate: London ($50).

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There are people who dislike diversity and tolerance. Those people are assholes.

Then among people who say they like diversity and tolerance, there are two camps.

The first camp sees tolerance as a reason to embrace people, accept others, and treat everyone with respect.

The second camp sees tolerance as justification to be constantly offended, to constantly boycott and exclude, and to only being kind to those seen as "allies", while reserving contempt for a perpetually growing list of "enemies".

I like Giant Bomb and the community because it embraces the warm happy middle, or at least does a better job of it than most places. Embrace diversity and tolerance because it gives you a reason to embrace people, accept others, and treat everyone with respect. Stay away from the extremes that are both just excuses to exclude and complain and hate.

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I'm still hanging around Gen 5. I haven't played it as much in the last few weeks, but I need to get the Gooser and Arc Cannon kills. I've only ever accidently gotten Gooser's. I have no idea how unfun that challenge must have been before they patched it.

It was really tough to get Goosers. I ran with the XO-16 on all my titans until I got all five kills, and it still took me until level 40-something to do that. You're right, I have no idea how people ever got 50 -- in 200 hours I got 16 total.

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I play east coast PC and you can play any mode in prime time and most of the time on weekends. Weird times on weekdays you might be stuck playing attrition though, that's the most popular mode.

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I've been trying to fathom why you would remove 40% of your game's modes from a game that is already severely lacking in modes, but have been unable to come up with anything.

Presumably because of player dilution. I don't know about Pilot Hunter but I'd tried to do CTF matches on PC during prime-time and even the mode was empty.

Hopefully they'll add a server browser and it will come back? I guess we'll see.

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I'm sure I've yelled at a game (I know I've yelled at my computer at work quite a few times) but my most frequent response to games that anger me is quitting that game, forever.

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In the fantasy GDC in my head, Manveer Heir received a two-minute standing ovation for a speech exhorting developers to implement properly placed and spaced checkpoints.

I find it difficult to enjoy movies and television that promote political viewpoints. It brings you out of the story, it's rare that both sides are presented fairly, and people who make movies and television are overwhelmingly of one political persuasion. At one point in my life I watched TV every night and watched a fifty or more movies every year. Then everything I liked started to get shrilly political (You know what this RomCom needs? People of another political stripe should be reminded that they are jerks!) and I just quit. I only watch a few movies a year and follow maybe a show or two and that's it. Mostly I retreated into video games where my political beliefs weren't routinely distorted and then ridiculed.

And I get a little scared that video games will go down that same dark path. Will the villain of the next Bioware game be a thinly-veiled caricature of some guy I've voted for? Will a cut-scene turn into a recitation of the opposition's political talking points? Will the story center around how people who share my beliefs are all actually hypocritical jerks? These things all happened in movies and TV I watched, in films and shows I might have otherwise enjoyed. And they were just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a lot of space for games to address social issues smartly without going down these rabbit holes. But I can't say I don't worry about it occasionally.