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Thanks for all you brought the site Scoops, from dumb hotdog costumes to some legit old fashioned serious journalism. Good luck with you future endeavours.

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Man... Jeff really is really a helluva a writer when he wants to be.

One of the most level headed distillations of this awkwardly horrible topic I've read and props for putting this front and centre of the website.

Now lets hope this really is the death rattle of gamergate. there are enough horrible things in the world without making our favourite hobby associated with this shitty behaviour.

I love playing games for the escapism and fun that it brings and I love this dumb website covering them in a hilarious shambolic manner.

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Looks great especially after all the false starts this movie has had.

Tom Hardy is a great pick for the role.

I saw the first Mad Max when I was way too young, that movie is pretty messed up, remember being a bit traumatised by the part with his girlfriend and son. Awesomely gritty Aussie grindhouse movie though and Mel Gibson was a fucking revelation in it.

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Put about 4hrs into the Alpha and I have to say I'm really impressed.

Was a bit hesitant as I'm definitely more of a single player gamer but you can absolutely just wander off and do your own thing especially in the exploration mode. In saying that having other players populate the world makes it feel more alive and ties in with the team of guardians narrative they are going with. Found myself dropping in an out of joining up with other groups and think i'll actually seek out players to team up with to take down some of the higher level enemies.

The character customisation is really varied and design wise looks really sharp, lots of variety as well in the loot and questing that makes it fun to play for a while and hop back to the hub to cash in rewards and check out new gear.

Shooting feels excellent really enjoy the mix up of weapons and struggling to pick a favourite. Tried semi and full auto rifles and the hand cannon style pistols for primary weapons and they all felt good, for secondary weapons it's shotguns or sniper rifles and charge style plasma guns. Not a big fan of sniping but the large open areas make it fun to take pot-shots from a distance and then charge in.

I'm playing a hunter so far and you get a nice knife for melee which upgrades to be able to be thrown on a recharge which is really satisfying when it hits. Good mix up of combat ducking in and out using grenades and knife and found myself switching up tactics and weapons constantly. Double jump is really cool and looks like it upgrades to a triple jump with higher reach so there is a good sense of verticality when traversing the maps. Also having the speeder bike on call at all times is really nice to help you zip around.

Not played a strike mission yet and only tried 2 rounds of multiplayer which was quite close quarters capturing and holding control points seemed alright but didn't wow me straight away the multiplayer component seems like it going to be deeply fleshed out as the hub is full pvp specific gear will definitely put some time in but maybe wait for the beta rather than the alpha.

In short the few hours i have spent playing this put me from wondering whether to get the game to being pretty sure it will be one of my most played games of the year if the quality holds up.

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Obviously really sorry to hear about everyone at Mythic but Carrie Gouskos is seriously head and shoulders above everyone else on the list of folks I'd like to see get the job.

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Glasgow, Scotland.

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Alien is one of my very favourite films and the creature design was a big part of that.

So much sci-fi is ruined by crappy looking monster design


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At this point I feel like they may as well just grab a USF or SFSU film student or graduate and get them to run the tricaster and shoot video if what's holding up hires is money or waiting for the right people to be available.

I'm sure there would be a million volunteers and it would give Drew and Vinny a tiny bit of breathing space.

I of course want the best people on the site long-term but some of the limitations the guys are running into in the short-term seem like just basic a.v. stuff.

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Carrie Gouskos would just really be great though, wouldn't she?

Like, just give her a big bag of cash to move back to California already.

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I tend to use Christmas as the perfect excuse to drink White Russians all day starting at 10am.