Goodbye Ryan Davis for you will be missed.

I am not great at taking what I am feeling and putting it into words, but I am going to give it a shot. The news of Ryans passing hit me like a ton of bricks today while I was on my lunch break at work. I got on my phone to see what was going on at the website that has become the one true staple website for me. When I first read the headline I thought it could not be true, that this was some kind of joke or hoax. I was absolutely shocked when I found out that the news was real, how could this have happened?!

Giant Bomb has become the website for me that I visit constantly throughout the day, between wiki editing, seeing what people I like are up to, and the video content it feels like I spend 90% of my internet time here.

Ryan Davis was one of the personalities that not only pulled me into this crazy corner of the internet, but also kept me here. It has become an almost soothing sound to hear "Hey Everybody It's Tuesday!" every Tuesday, and that is something that will now be missing.

I never met Ryan in person, or even had a lot of interaction with him on this website, but in some weird way I still felt like I knew him. I have never felt this upset about someone I never met dying, so that is saying something to how great a person he really was.

Ryan Davis, you will be missed greatly.

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