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Turbo Prop Racing should have the alias Rapid Racer which is what it is known by in other regions.

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I think 100% that games, especially handheld versions that differ completely in the gameplay should be split. It especially should happen now that games show their platform when searching. I can see if the game just has worse graphics or some things cut/changed around, but if it is a different kind of game or most of it is different it should be split. This is something that puts us behind other wiki sites I feel.

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I have also noticed that I have to move the box to get to the drop down behind it.

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I really liked it a lot, and I played a bunch of it on the 360. I also bought the PC version, but it is like a wasteland most of the times I get on.

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@jagged85: My opinion would be no, since the actual game is not a part of that franchise.

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I notice this trend more and more the older I get. When I was younger I loved having 70+ hour RPG games while now I feel satisfied when I play a game that is 6-10.

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Considering I have been playing "retro" games since they were newly released, yes I do enjoy them. I seem to go back and forth between older and newer games quite often. Since being introduced to by @jeff on the Bombcast I have been playing way more of them.

Which reminds me, if anyone else is into the retro achievements, shoot me a friends request, need to build up that leaderboard. I would only like to add people who just play the games though and not cheat their way to the achievements. Here is my profile.

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So about those weekly wiki updates, I am planning on bringing those back very soon. I had planned on bringing them back after the new year but I got really busy, now things have become a little more normal so I should be able to dedicate the time to it again.

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@ruruja: Got that for you. Also you can most certainly post multiple in one post. It would be better than a ton of individual ones.

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@fisk0: Batman & Robin for the Genesis also had some great music.