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@fisk0: I am all for listing all of the publishers that indeed publish the game. I generally will then try and explain in the overview which company published it in which region/platform or if it was for another release.

@lighthaze:It does not seem to be coming up in search for me either. Maybe try submitting it to the Bug Reporting forum?

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I just wait until I see it pop up on the main page and I download the premium version.

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Another image to be deleted. The old box art for Race Mania that I captioned DELETE needs to be deleted because I uploaded a much higher res version.

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@beachthunder: That has to be it. Also, that was one of my favorite games as a kid.

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Alright since I decided to put off my weekly wiki updates due to lack of time every week I will post this here. I made a concept page for In-Game Social Network Links for games that link you to things like their Facebook or Twitter profiles. This is for merely links that send you to those pages and not ones that have integration.

I know there are a ton because I remember seeing them all the time, but now that I made the page I am having a hard time. So if anyone else knows of any hit up the page and add them.

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@jslack: I can indeed create pages now, but it errors out if I have to create a developer/publisher.

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@rorie: Just noticed that I also can not seem to create releases.

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Not sure if this is known or not, or if it is just me but I can not seem to create a new page for a game. I have tried on both Firefox and Chrome and have tried with and without an image.

I click the button to create the page, the button turns white for a brief moment and then turns back to green and nothing happens.

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@yummylee: There are certainly times where I wish there were more folks able to fix some of these things. Same thing goes with deleting images, especially since we used to be able to.

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