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I have also noticed that I have to move the box to get to the drop down behind it.

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I really liked it a lot, and I played a bunch of it on the 360. I also bought the PC version, but it is like a wasteland most of the times I get on.

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@jagged85: My opinion would be no, since the actual game is not a part of that franchise.

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I notice this trend more and more the older I get. When I was younger I loved having 70+ hour RPG games while now I feel satisfied when I play a game that is 6-10.

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Considering I have been playing "retro" games since they were newly released, yes I do enjoy them. I seem to go back and forth between older and newer games quite often. Since being introduced to by @jeff on the Bombcast I have been playing way more of them.

Which reminds me, if anyone else is into the retro achievements, shoot me a friends request, need to build up that leaderboard. I would only like to add people who just play the games though and not cheat their way to the achievements. Here is my profile.

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So about those weekly wiki updates, I am planning on bringing those back very soon. I had planned on bringing them back after the new year but I got really busy, now things have become a little more normal so I should be able to dedicate the time to it again.

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@ruruja: Got that for you. Also you can most certainly post multiple in one post. It would be better than a ton of individual ones.

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@fisk0: Batman & Robin for the Genesis also had some great music.

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Here where I live there is one company that has DSL and one company that has cable. The cable internet is not only overpriced, it also has really low caps with really high overage charges. I used to use them until I got sick of getting close to my cap halfway through the month and having to hold off on doing much of anything until the next.

Of course now that I use this DSL, it is significantly slower and I have had nothing but issues with it. Both of these companies are pretty terrible.

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I have made my feeling on this subject known on more than one occasion, but I think as long as the game is a separate release and it was updated in some way it should get a page. If the game is just a straight port then it should not. Of course I also think handheld versions of games that play totally differently should have their own page as well. I feel like eventually none of the releases get as good a write up as they could on their own page.