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@not_rage: Sometimes these licensed and/or shovelware games get lost in the shuffle and nobody adds them for a while.

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I do still play it once in a while, but I mostly use older cards (few years ago) and play with others that use older cards. I also wish they would put out more Yu-Gi-Oh games that use the actual rules of the card game and have more content then Decade Duels.

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So it seems that uploading images to pages is broken right now? They all end up with an outline, but the image is not there.

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@deadpancakes: Aha! I knew it was a Bomberman, but after a couple of Bombermans I just decided to skip it.

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X-Gold is just another compilation that needs to be deleted.

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@scarycrayons: I am pretty sure it was Bomberman since it had Bomberman in the image and not the enemies, plus I actually got Lode Runner in there as well.

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I got 18225 and lost when I got to a Bomberman one and for whatever reason it needed it to be specific on which one it was.

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Just a small thing but I noticed sometimes when editing a wiki page and searching for a franchise or concept to add it will bring up games instead.