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@slag: One of them that jumps out in particular is Kinect Sports. And now that you bring it up all those associations are gone, and there really wasn't too much on it before.

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@slag: I have seen it happen on some of the character pages I made that were only attached to 1 game and barely anything else.

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@beachthunder: @blacklagoon: I absolutely encourage people to talk about wiki issues or concerns, ideas, or anything else that gives it some attention.

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@brackynews: Aren't you here?

Also, I am not sure if it was ever discovered exactly what was causing the association to go away, but I am still finding pages every once in a while that have them missing. Not sure if they are newly missing or just from back when it all started.

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I always wondered how people got them, was it ever revealed?

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@beachthunder: I find that pretty much every time I open a page for a non-game (locaction, object, ect.) the page is pretty much completely empty.

@mento: The company pages are a total mess it seems like. Also yes game show pages are some of the worst for this, but once in a while I come across others like Willow that are also very different but yet share a single page.

@amyggen: Great! Welcome to the world of the Giant Bomb wiki. We can always use more people willing to put some work in.

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@beachthunder: Oops, I guess I should have searched more before making the page, sorry!

Also, that was in a wiki page?