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Just a small thing but I noticed sometimes when editing a wiki page and searching for a franchise or concept to add it will bring up games instead.

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I got a new graphics card for my PC and a PS4. I will try and pick up an Xbox One within the next year or so probably.

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Rock & Roll Racing 2 (which is actually called Rock & Roll Racing 2: Red Asphalt) is the European title of Red Asphalt. The Rock & Roll Racing title is already an alias of Red Asphalt.

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The game Overboard! is just the European title of Shipwreckers! and is already an alias of Shipwreckers!

The game Bygg Bilar Med Mulle Meck is simply the Swedish title of Gary Gadget: Building Cars. Bygg Bilar Med Mulle Meck should be added as an alias to the Gary Gadget page.

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Road Trip: Arcade Edition should have the aliases of Choro Q! which is the Japanese title and Gadget Racers which is the European title.

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Another thing I have always wondered about is when entities like bands are credited? Do we put in the band members, or if they are not specifically mentioned do we just not include them at all?

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You get points for sure, and I also noticed that editing guides has also been fixed!

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It really is a bummer. I really feel for the people who did a lot of work on their wiki. I would be one unhappy camper if all the work I did on the wiki here were to just be gone.

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Close Combat Trilogy is a PC compilation of the three Close Combat games and each is still on its own disc.

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I think a good way to handle it would be to allow a games page to display a certain alias of a company. Of course I am sure that it will require too much work to implement that, but I think it would be helpful. That way the one single Nintendo page can have the alias of something like NOA or NOE and when putting Nintendo as the publisher whichever alias is the correct for that title can be shown.