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I do really like playing the digital recreations of real life pinball tables, such as in The Pinball Arcade. But of course I have maybe 2 different places to be able to play a real pinball table anymore, and those places only have 1 table each and they don't maintain them very well.

Alien Crush is also a pretty good digital pinball game, but I much prefer the realistic ones.

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Wait, so Gamestop is reprinting them and putting it in a plastic case? I am glad I picked it up before it went out of print then, got it cheaper and in a metal case.

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Star Trek should have the alias Star Trek Pinball. It is referred to such in only a logo that shows at the end of the reveal video, but on the rest of the information on their site and on the cabinet itself just refers to it as Star Trek.

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I end up installing games and pretty much leaving them there until I notice how much space they are taking up on my hard drive.

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So the game Caddy Hack is pretty much the same game as Slice N' Hook with only some names changed. Caddy Hack should be added as an alias of Slice N' Hook.

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I was already too old when it came out. I do usually try and get some interest in things that kids are into since I work with them, however Beyblades were a thing that a small group really loved that I just did not understand.

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I think the biggest thing the wiki needs is a style guide. We could also use more people updating and adding information, even just fixing typos and such is extremely helpful.

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I just started playing this the last week or so. The original Ravaged seems like it could be fun, but there are literally no servers even running every time I have checked.

The zombie stuff is alright, but it seems very generic and very easy. There is also an average of about 9 people online.

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Anti-mayo for sure, I hate that stuff.

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There are the Ys games as well as The Last Remnant on Steam.